Batch and Process Manufacturing Software

Deacom develops a comprehensive ERP platform that provides total process control

Production Line Scheduling
Manage and optimize your production schedule based on job routing sequences.
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Product Serialization
Enable serialization at an infinite number of levels including units, packs, cases, and pallets.
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Quality Control Testing
Enforce quality control measures that are incorporated into your business processes.
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“In past experiences, I have found that many ERP providers require businesses to mold to their software. With 45 years dedicated to strengthening our business processes and perfecting our products, we are excited to have DEACOM ERP facilitate our growth strategy rather than hinder it. Deacom’s technology works with our business and empowers the progression towards our development.”

– Jeff Reingold, COO of Contract Pharmacal Corp


Enable total process control

Deacom’s ERP platform can streamline your entire production process. Quality control checkpoints are built directly into the system, assuring important steps are never ignored and customer requirements are always met. Elements such as formulation management, production scheduling, and order management all live within the core ERP software giving you centralized visibility of the entire process.

Regulatory made simple

A strong, process control driven ERP foundation can allow you to make regulatory compliance an asset rather than a headache. With total control over tasks such as generating shipping documents, DEACOM ERP will allow you to seamlessly generate GHS labels and SDS forms.

Control inventory

Real-time access to accurate data is critical to making good business decisions – especially when it comes to inventory. Deacom’s ERP foundation enables all functionalities like MRP, forecasting, and cycle counting to work together to deliver comprehensive and correct data at any given time.
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Jay Deakins - Deacom, Inc.

Why Deacom Exists

In this whiteboard session, Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, discusses the approach that DEACOM ERP software takes to address the specific, often complex needs of batch and process manufacturers.

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Accomplish all of this and more with DEACOM ERP

Inventory Management

Track lots, optimize inventory levels, and keep tabs on raw materials across multiple facilities.


Keep better tabs on your tight margins, tracking all actuals and budgets for expenses, revenue, P&L, and cash flow statements.

Material Requirements Planning

Use the MRP system to make informed decisions on production needs based on time, inventory levels, and customer demand.

Formula Management

Provide R&D teams with the tools to develop, maintain, and track formulations, manage workflows, and define quality control checks from raw materials through finished goods.

Production Weigh Up

Increase the speed and accuracy of the production weigh-up process with built-in controls that provide operators with the exact information they require.

Document Generation

Automatically generate Certificate of Analysis (COA), product specification, quality control, and other documents as they are required.

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DEACOM ERP Software for Manufacturers & Distributors

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What is ERP

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