Shipping Documents
Drive process control by automatically generating required documents when shipping orders.

Build required documents such as packing slips, bills of lading, certificates of analysis, and GHS safety sheets.

Select required documents to be generated based on customers and/or products.

Automatically print and/or electronically send required documents when shipping through WMS.

Graceland Fruit

Hear from one of our customers

Watch this short video on how Graceland Fruit no longer needs to waste valuable time on manually creating shipping documents. With DEACOM ERP, it is now done automatically and in a matter of seconds.

Graceland Fruit - Kerry Babion

Bill of Lading
Automatically generate a consolidated bill of lading for the load being shipped based on order and item properties.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Generate a certificate of analysis with all required QC test results based on customer specific ranges.
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GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Generate a GHS compliant SDS sheet at the time of shipment based on item properties and the ship-to country rules.
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Warehouse Loading Dock

The generation of required shipping documents is the last control available to prevent 3rd Shift Harry from shipping the wrong product to the wrong customer with the wrong documentation.

Accomplish all of this and more with DEACOM ERP

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Report Builder

Configure your own document layouts using the DEACOM report designer.

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Customer Specific Reports

Meet the unique reporting layout demands of customers by assigning individual documents to customers.

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Data Driven

Configure reports to pull data directly from DEACOM to avoid dual entry and drive process control.

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Document Groups

Assign documents to groups for easy one-click automatic generation at the time of shipment.

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Printer Assignments

Configure different document types to go to different printers as required.

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Blind Shipment

Documents can be configured on behalf of your customers for blind shippers.

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Formula Management

CoA Documents

Automatically generate a CoA document with customer-specific QC specifications at the time of shipment.

Document Management & Generation

Document Generation

Create, maintain, and generate the documents your business relies on - all from within one environment.


Lot Tracking and Traceability

With all systems working together, enable strict lot control via the WMS, Quality Control, and Document Generation functionality.

GHS SDS Documents

SDS and GHS Labeling

For manufacturers and distributors of hazardous materials, DEACOM ERP provides support for the creation and management of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS.)