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ERP Software for Candy, Confectionery, and Snack Food Manufacturers

A single system approach to help you grow your business.

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Create custom orders via Deacom’s Product Configurator.
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Manage custom orders via electronic work-flow steps.

Store and manage documentations in a centralized location.
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Monitor the status of orders with system triggers and alerts.

Manage lead times and multiple facilities within the built-in MRP functionality.
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TruFood MFG

TruFood Manufacturing has been successfully running on Deacom ERP for years, so when they acquired Simply Natural, they knew that using Deacom ERP for both companies would create more efficiencies and drive growth. With the foundation and SOPs already in place, along with the industry expertise of the Deacom implementation team, Simply Natural was able to get up and running in just four months.

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Deacom’s largest functional ERP foundation provides snack food manufacturers a single system from which to run your entire business.

Deacom ERP System Capabilities

Business Intelligence/Dashboards
Catch Weight
Customer Management (CRM)
Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
Document Generation
Document Storage
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Label Generation
Mobile Apps
Maintenance (MRO)
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Point of Sale
Production Routings
Production Data

Product Configurator
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
R&D/Project Management
Regulatory Management

Reduce inventory variance with the built-in warehouse management system.
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Ensure the highest quality products for your customers using QC holds during production.
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Improve product safety and traceability across your entire supply chain.
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Meeting the Complex Requirements of Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors with DEACOM ERP

In this brief video, we demonstrate how the unique capabilities of Deacom ERP provides food and beverage manufacturers with the ability to create new recipes and BOMs directly in the main app, adhere to regulatory requirements, track lots forwards and backwards, leverage EDI capabilities, and automatically generate documents.

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Ship single orders with multiple recipients using the built-in order splitter.

Manage multi-channel sales orders through ecommerce, EDI, mail, and phone.
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Efficiently fulfill orders with integrated FedEx and UPS shipping tools.

Explore some of the other industries we serve

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Support inbound and outbound EDI transactions, formulate and generate nutritional fact panels, and use the lot tracking implosion/explosion reports in the event of a recall.



Forecast production and purchasing based on seasonal product demand, enforce FEFO inventory rules to reduce waste, and track all your DSD sales from a centralized location.



Manage the complexities of receiving and producing catch weight items, maintain product shelf life rules for customers and products with varying requirements, and connect your production equipment to an auto-finishing application to improve production efficiency.

Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

Access centralized data for real-time decision making, forecast production capacity requirements, and ensure customer specific quality standards are met.