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Labor Tracking

Track actual production labor to validate product costing and improve efficiency.

Record employee labor tracking by using Deacom’s WMS, mobile, or browser application.

Run production costing reports to compare set standards with actual labor performed.

Update routings and costs based using a data-driven approach.

Pharmacutical manufacturing operator

Capture production costs based on machine and labor utilization that give your manufacturing operations a better understanding of actual versus standard costs.

Labor Tracking
Allow workers to input actual time spent working on a job or operation.

Certification Tracking
Manage what production lines workers are certified to complete tasks on and ensure un-certificated workers are not assigned to a production line without proper training.

Maintenance Tracking
Record actual maintenance labor to understand work center costs.

Nexgen closely tracks actual labor hours for comparison against standards. A tricky aspect of their operations that Deacom handles is tracking workers who may be assigned to multiple production jobs at one time.

Nexgen Pharma

Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP

Worker Information

Enter and manage worker data points in a single, secure location.

Employee Badges

Generate badges for employees that include pictures and relevant information.

Production Routings

Utilize production routings assigned to individual formulas to track expected standards.

Time Overrun Alerts

Set alerts to be notified if a job or labor hours is exceeding the standard.

Post Payroll

Integrate Deacom with your payroll provider to eliminate multiple data entry points.

Scrub Time

Prior to sending actual time worked to payroll, enable a manager to review and update labor hours.

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Batch Production

Batch Production

Improve quality, drive efficiency, and enhance business visibility with process controls specifically built for batch production environments.

Maintenance (MRO / CMMS)

Maintenance (MRO / CMMS)

Plan for scheduled maintenance, provide visibility to production scheduling, and manage spare parts inventory.

Production AutoFinisher

Production AutoFinisher

Efficiently weigh, serialize, label, palletize, and report on your production processes.

Weigh Up

Weigh Up

Use functionality within the ERP system to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your weigh up processes.