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ERP Software for Breweries

Manage your beer manufacturing and distribution processes with a single ERP platform

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Track shipments, returns, payments, and signatures through a mobile DSD application.
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Enable distributors and retailers to enter orders, check inventory availability, and view outstanding balances through a B2B ecommerce site.
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Allow the purchasing and production teams to understand current and time bucketed demand and inventory availability.
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Deacom simplifies the unique requirements of beer manufacturers and distributors with a single platform that contains both ERP and DSD functionality.

Kegs of beer

Production Scheduling
Use a visual production scheduler to manage tank capacity and efficiency.

Capacity Report
View capacity availability based on sales forecasts to anticipate if a new projected order or a new product line can be squeezed into production.

TTB Reporting
Generate Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau reports based on production for a given period of time.

Meeting the Complex Requirements of Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors with DEACOM ERP

In this brief video, we demonstrate how the unique capabilities of Deacom ERP provides food and beverage manufacturers with the ability to create new recipes and BOMs directly in the main app, adhere to regulatory requirements, track lots forwards and backwards, leverage EDI capabilities, and automatically generate documents.

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Import sales orders from customers and send invoices automatically with full EDI capabilities built into the ERP.

Keg Tracking
Manage the sale and return of kegs to customers through the use of deposits.

Multi-Level BOMs
Use a multi-level formulation structure to handle the brew, fermentation, and packaging part hierarchy.

Kegs of beer
Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery uses Deacom’s DSD app to streamline distribution activity including keg deposits and keg returns.

Using Deacom, Yuengling is able to integrate all aspects of their business from production to the retail operation to sales and marketing.


Explore some of the other industries we serve

Candy & Snack

Candy & Snack

Create strict lot control with the WMS, streamline your ability to transact and report in a multi-facility environment, and improve sales order picking efficiency through zone and wave pick options.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Support inbound and outbound EDI transactions, formulate and generate nutritional fact panels, and use the lot tracking implosion/explosion reports in the event of a recall.



Manage the complexities of receiving and producing catch weight items, maintain product shelf life rules for customers and products with varying requirements, and connect your production equipment to an auto-finishing application to improve production efficiency.

Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits

Forecast production and purchasing based on seasonal product demand, manage inventory consignment, and enforce strict quality control standards.