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Sales with Deacom ERP

Place sales orders, set up unique pricing models, and create inter-company transfers with real-time impacts on MRP and reporting


Keep contact details up to date, track interactions with your customers, manage sales opportunities, and report on performance.
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Sell merchandise, record and control inventory, and print customer receipts at multiple retail locations.
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Product Configurator

Product Configurator
Define any number of product features and options, set up feature trees with multiple levels, and generate fully-configured bills of materials.
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Engineering Imports

Engineering Imports
Import custom bills of materials from an engineering platform into Deacom to drive production planning and costing information.
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Bottles on a processing line in a beverage manufacturing facility

Assign appropriate taxes, manage sales commissions, configure deal pricing, and determine profitability by customer or products - all from a centralized location.

Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP

Manage Bill-to/Ship-to Customers

Add and group customers, assign sales reps, manage credits and taxes, establish order defaults, and configure restricted selling.

Manage Finished Good Item Masters

Add and modify parts that represent the highest level of the bill of materials.

Configure Sales Order Parts

Configure and manage saleable parts.

Manage Sales Freight

Add and modify freight types, expenses, or add freight costs to orders.

Configure Sales Pricing Rules

Utilize the pricing hierarchy to configure general, customer-specific, and flexible pricing options.

Build Customer Quotes

Enter, manage, and report on customer quotes.

Enter Sales Orders

Enter new orders using multiple methods and different order types, manage pricing, and track company-specific data.

Process Sales Orders with Credit Cards

Process prepayments and regular charges, configure authorization options, and split payments.

Process Orders with Sales Tax

Utse the tax hierarchy to add sales tax to orders, process tax revenue, and make payments.

Add From Inventory Charges

Add charges to orders for services related to production, storage, and shipment of parts.

Utilize Substitutes in Sales

Fulfill orders using like materials.

Manage Consignment Sales Orders

Enter new consignment orders and use the ship and hold process to sell inventory.

Manage Service Contracts

Enter new service items, service contract parameters, and service items to sales orders.

Calculate Sales Representative Commissions

Set payment defaults, assign to sales reps, and accrue and pay out commissions.

Manage Customer Complaints and Returns

Enter orders to track complaints and process returns.

Sales Reporting

Generate various reports related to sales orders using optional filters.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage customer contact information and sales workflows, run email campaigns, and track commissions.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

For those customers focused on distributing products, Deacom’s DSD software provides customers a route accounting solution built directly into its full-scale ERP platform.



Enhance the purchasing experience of your customers with ecommerce capabilities that are powered by the ERP software.

Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Minimize inventory handling and maximize production output based on your actual and forecasted supply and demand.