Product and Sales Configurator
Quickly enter sales orders | Configure what your customers want | Ensure accurate data

Deacom’s Product Configurator is a native component of DEACOM ERP and is used by manufacturers and distributors within the order entry process.

Our configurator acts as a bridge between sales, production, and engineering teams to define a number of criteria, including: which options are available for base parts, which options may work with other options, which options may include other sub-options, and the costs of various options. The product configurator can work either by itself, to enter and price a configured item on a sales order, or can be linked to item masters for the purpose of production and inventory control.

Reduced Time Entering Orders


The DEACOM Product configurator follows a rules-based approach to the sales order entry process. Benefits to manufacturers that require this level of customizability in the ordering process include:



Reduced Time Entering Orders

Reduced Time Entering Orders

The configurator does away with the need for manual calculations and provides specifications that can be accurately transformed into finished product.

Centralized Information

Centralized Information

Product information that exists in the ERP platform ensures that configurator selections are always up-to-date and potential errors are mitigated.

Increased Production Efficiency

Increased Production Efficiency

Configurator selections automatically flow through into the bill of materials, production routings, pricing, and shipping.

DEACOM Product Configurator

DEACOM ERP Product Configurator Capabilities

  • Define an unlimited number of product features and options
  • Build feature trees with multiple levels.
  • Indicate whether the sales prices of features or options are subject to commission calculation rules.
  • Apply deal pricing or promotion codes.
  • Set whether features have required options.
  • Define inclusions and exclusion rules.
  • Group item masters with other similar items by required categories and optional sub-categories.
  • Maintain features, options, sales pricing and defaults at the highest possible level, minimizing ongoing maintenance when changes occur.
  • Print configuration on sales forms.
  • Generate a fully-configured bill of materials (BOM), based on the selected options.

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