Lot Tracking and Traceability
ERP Software with Built-in Process Control for Manufacturers and Distributors

In our view, true strict lot control means 100 percent inventory accuracy with perfect record keeping and the ability to instantly report on any aspect of the inventory history. Enter Deacom's ERP software and its lot tracking capabilities. Deacom's built-in process controls helps businesses strive for a perfect record when it comes to complete control over their lot tracking.



Full Traceability Across the Entire Business

Lot traceability is very important for manufacturers and distributors, especially those following the guidelines of the FDA or Safe Quality Food Institute. DEACOM ERP software provides the ability to see every raw material that went into a particular job as well as details for reports. This includes full contact information on customers who received those lots – information that is required by the FDA to increase the speed of recall management. Deacom's centralized ERP environment provides the ability to track lots up and down the entire formulation to shipment process.

Benefits of native lot tracking in DEACOM ERP

  • Deacom's lot tracking controls prevent issues with transactions being made out of sequence
  • Lot control and traceability ensures material that is set to be issued to a job can be entered as it happens.
  • Built-in quality control checks prevent accidental shipments of lots
  • FEFO inventory selection ensures the lot tracking system will always identify the first product that is going to expire that meets shelf life requirements of customers.
  • Lot numbers are automatically added to GS1-128 barcodes for serialized inventory



Silver Spring Foods

Customer Insights

In this brief video, Noah Wallace, CIO of Silver Spring Foods, discusses the complex requirements that are met with Deacom's ERP platform.


Follow the Audit Trail

Click to Download this infographic showing the details of the complete audit trail that our ERP software provides.




  • Provision control
  • Modification log
  • Assign QC testing information
  • Workflows with e-signatures


  • Batch ticket archiving
  • lot traceability
  • Regulatory reporting

Quality Control

  • QC testing and recording
  • QC hold/release
  • E-signature requirements


  • Expiration date management
  • FEFO lot selection
  • QC hold prevents shipments
  • Document groups
Lot tracking as part of the regulatory audit trail.

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