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Change Management

As our customers’ businesses evolve, and Deacom ERP evolves with them, our team is here to support them in successfully implementing and adapting to these changes

Successful Organizational Transformation

The success of an organizational change is only possible if each individual contributor can successfully implement change.

Efficient Change Management

When individuals are guided appropriately, they can embrace changes more quickly and adopt new technology effectively, ultimately minimizing negative impact on productivity.

Decreased Risk

Deacom’s change management processes use systematic tools and techniques to implement change, which includes anticipating challenges and quickly responding to those that do arise.

It is inevitable that an organization’s needs and direction will change over time. Processes, jobs, and technology need to stay updated in order to support these changes. Business improvements are exciting, but the ultimate impact on the people in the organization must be taken into consideration.

Since all of Deacom’s operations are managed in-house our team has a breadth of experience and invaluable knowledge on how to manage personnel and technological changes. From the first day of implementation kickoff, our team will work with the customer every step of the way, and each and every day after that, as our partnership grows.

Smooth the transition from old processes to new processes.

Ensure all affected parties (employees, stakeholders, customers, suppliers etc.) understand and support the change.

Create a consistent and efficient approach.

How do we help our manufacturing customers with change management?

  • Customers get caught up in the day to day operation of their business. Change management typically does not involve a massive change at one time but small changes over time. As the business changes, the overall strategy needs to be reviewed, challenges identified, and plans put in place to adjust for not only the “right now,” but setting the stage for the future.

  • Open and honest conversation between Deacom and the customer allows challenges to be discussed without reservation. These challenges can be categorized as people, processes, and technology.

  • Acknowledgement of where we are today, both Deacom and the customer, provides insight into the current challenges as well as the tools and solutions to overcome these challenges.

  • Working together, Deacom can assist with conceptualizing and implementing solutions that allow increased efficiencies now and for growth and flexibility in the future.

A customer from the food and beverage industry recently used Deacom’s change management service as a ‘second set of eyes’ to evaluate how their operations are using Deacom ERP software and to lay out the groundwork for improved processes.

This began with interviewing individuals from executives to individual contributors. Deacom’s team shadowed customer resources in each functional area to observe their specific activities and document potential opportunities for improvement. Based on the interviews and observations, we worked with the customer to review each item for viability and cost implication.

Once a change management plan was mutually agreed on, we worked together on implementing it at the level the customer deemed appropriate. This included assisting with opportunity identification, process redesign, training, and implementing those appropriate changes.

Change management and process improvement is tailored to each customer. While there are general concepts of manufacturing and distribution shared across most of our customers, it is the unique aspects of their business, their people, and their culture that sets them apart. This service can help identify opportunities and relieve some of the pressure by supplying structure to change management.

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