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Cost Analysis

The speed with which you can react to changes in cost, impacts your ability to survive and thrive in the market.

Analyze purchasing and production costs through easy-to-use sub-ledger reports.

Change standard current and future costs to understand the impact on your product margins.

Update sales prices faster than your competitors as market and business costs change.

Fresh blueberries with yogurt

California Custom Fruits & Flavors understands all costs that go into a quoted price so they can aggressively bid on new business.

Track Costs Across Facilities
Track different material, labor, and burden costs across all facilities within the business.

Formulate with Costs
Show all types of costs during the formulation process.

Mass Pricing Updates
Complete mass pricing updates on quotes or sales orders when costs change.

A building materials company anticipated an increase in the price of plywood at the beginning of the Gulf War. The company acquired 2 million sheets of plywood at $8 per sheet. The bet paid off as plywood costs increased to $16 per sheet.

The pricing structure in their legacy sales system was based on margin. The company’s sales reps had a record sales period selling the plywood for $12, below the replacement cost! Had the company been using Deacom ERP, they could have sold the plywood to their customer at a better margin.

See How Deacom Handles Costing Methods

Deacom ERP provides three different inventory costing methods for postings: Standard Cost, FIFO (Actual) Cost, and Average Cost. In this demonstration of the software, we show the various methods for identifying and understanding the full cost of a particular product.

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Flow all accounts receivables, accounts payables, labor tracking, inventory control, and job costing directly into the general ledger.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage customer contact information and sales workflows, run email campaigns, and track commissions.

Document Generation

Document Generation

Create, maintain, and generate the documents your business relies on - all from within one environment.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Run a range of financial reports to evaluate the health of the business, analyzing the data through different segment positions in the chart of accounts.