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ERP Software for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing

Handle all of the unique requirements for your CPG business within a single ERP platform

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Provide B2B and B2C ecommerce sites that are tied directly to the ERP platform.
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Enable the purchasing and production teams to understand current and time bucketed demand and inventory availability.
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Inventory Picking
Use snake picking, zones, and anchoring processes to streamline shipment picking.
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Deacom will enable you to improve your customer experience with a unique ERP platform that contains ecommerce, EDI, and trade promotion management.

Trade Promotions
Manage trade promotions for customers within the ERP.

Generate carrier-specific shipping labels and tracking numbers on demand.

Dock Schedule
Gain visibility into dock schedules for use in shipping and receiving.

Meeting the Complex Requirements of Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Distributors with DEACOM ERP

In this brief video, we demonstrate how the unique capabilities of Deacom ERP provides food and beverage manufacturers with the ability to create new recipes and BOMs directly in the main app, adhere to regulatory requirements, track lots forwards and backwards, leverage EDI capabilities, and automatically generate documents.

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Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP


Import or export EDI transactions for automatic business communication with your customers.


Build your own product forecasts to drive MRP or import forecasts supplied from your customer for planning purposes.

Production Calendar

Use a visual production scheduling tool with color codes based on inventory availability.

Nutritional Fact Panels

Generate and print a nutritional fact panel directly from the ERP system.

Shelf Life

Assign expiration dates based on shelf life rules and ensure customers receive product within their shelf life requirements.

Inter-Company Transfers

Manage and facilitate dock appointments for inter-company transfers.

“We’ve been able to dramatically simplify management of the daily business, the speed in which we close our books, and the way in which we report out on our performance – all those things have been significant steps in the right direction since implementing Deacom.”

– Chris Kiser, CEO of Teasdale Foods

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Teasdale Foods

Explore some of the other industries we serve

Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

Access centralized data for real-time decision making, forecast production capacity requirements, and ensure customer specific quality standards are met.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Support inbound and outbound EDI transactions, formulate and generate nutritional fact panels, and use the lot tracking implosion/explosion reports in the event of a recall.



Manage your warehouses, sell directly to stores, and take online orders using a single ERP platform.



Forecast production and purchasing based on seasonal product demand, enforce FEFO inventory rules to reduce waste, and track all your DSD sales from a centralized location.