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Location Replenishment

See the stock levels of your locations in real time and make decisions on how to replenish them when below the minimum stock level

Determine the minimum and maximum stock levels for each location within your warehouse.

Determine when locations are below the minimum stock level and what next actions should be taken to replenish these locations.

Use inventory from hold locations to move to stock locations so that pickers have enough inventory to pick for their orders.

Deacom ERP provides an accurate and efficient system to replenish inventory at locations accessible to pickers.

warehouse location replenishment

Improve your warehouse processes with location replenishment in Deacom ERP

Manage Location Settings

Maintain maximum and minimum stock levels for each location as well as the sequence number to sequentially tackle each location as inventory is needed.

Automatic Replenishment Suggestions

Based on the replenishment rules defined, the next location in sequence will be assigned to a replenishment picker. They will be shown where to go to get the inventory to move to the location to replenish and then be shown where the replenishment location is.

Define Replenishment Rules

Based on item-specific fields and user fields, define how locations and specific items are replenished to their stock locations with a user-definable expression engine.

Location Level Reporting

Track location levels and easily spot which locations will need to be replenished soon.

Replenishment History

View the last time a location was replenished as well as how often locations are being replenished over a certain time period.

Automated Tasks

By defining replenishment rules, warehouse workers are automatically given the next replenishment task directly and without management interference.

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