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Sales Forecasting

Make intelligent, data-driven demand planning decisions by using sales forecasts to drive purchasing and production activities.

Customer Forecast Management
Plan production and purchasing activities based on customer supplied product forecasts.

Raw Material Planning
Drive the purchase of long-lead time raw materials based on sales forecasts.
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Production Planning
Build production schedule based on forecasted sales.
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Maximize warehouse and business efficiency through just-in-time (JIT) demand planning operations.

Build Forecasts Based on History
Create a forecast for products based on historical sales. Apply percentage-based changes to the forecast based on projected trends in the business.

Import Customer Forecasts
Load customer supplied forecasts sent via email or EDI into the ERP system.
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Encapsys uses an APICS driven demand planning process that provides robust forecast zones for planning production and purchasing activities.

TruFood handles their fluid customer forecasts to ensure they have the production capacity to handle expected orders.

TruFood MFG

Multi-Level Forecasts
Manage forecasts at the item, bill-to company, ship-to company, or facility levels.

Forecast vs. Actual Reporting
Evaluate the accuracy and performance of forecasts with robust reporting capabilities.

Meet all of your sales forecasting needs with Deacom ERP software

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Options

Establish forecasts by the day, week, or month based on business requirements.

Forecast Blackouts

Plan demand around facility hours and holidays.

Promotional Lift

Update sales forecasts based on upcoming product promotions.

Forecast Zones

Establish frozen, slushy, and liquid forecast zones for planning activities.

Forecast Consumption

Utilize forward or backward consumption strategies to account for actual sales.

Revenue Projections

Build accounting forecasts and budgets based on sales forecasts.
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Plan Production Resources

Build future labor and machine requirements based on a sales forecast.

Historical Tracking

Provide an audit trail for all changes made to a forecast.

Import Forecasts

Import forecasts from Excel, Access, or other structured data formats.

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Flow all accounts receivables, accounts payables, labor tracking, inventory control, and job costing directly into the general ledger.

Document Generation

Document Generation

Create, maintain, and generate the documents your business relies on - all from within one environment.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Run a range of financial reports to evaluate the health of the business, analyzing the data through different segment positions in the chart of accounts.

Production Line Scheduling

Production Line Scheduling

Manage and optimize your production schedule based on job routing sequences.