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Cloud Hosting

Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud and let ECI manage your ERP infrastructure so you can focus on growing the business.

Cloud hosting for Deacom ERP is available with two options: Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant. Choose the one that's right for your business.

single tenant cloud

Single-Tenant Cloud

This option is only for customers who require a dedicated cloud server for your data and Deacom instances. Customers who want to define your own maintenance schedule or require any government regulations (i.e., FDA Validation) should use this option.

multi tenant cloud

Multi-Tenant Cloud

This cost-effective option is for customers who would like to have a cloud hosted solution, but can be included on the same server as other Deacom instances. You will have less control over your server with this option. For example, you cannot define your own maintenance schedule or have read-only SQL users for third-party systems. This option is not recommended for those customers who require compliance with government regulations (i.e., FDA Validation).

Maintain anti-virus, firewall and data encryption through SSL.

Management of backup plans, necessary restorations, and commissioning / decommissioning of test environments.

Continuous monitoring and optimization of servers and databases with such tools as defragmenting and re-indexing data.

ECI's cloud hosting for Deacom enables you to focus on your business rather than your ERP deployment

Upgrades performed by ECI for all minor and major upgrade functions.

99.9% guaranteed industry standard uptime and reliability.

Simple monthly cost for budgeting - without the surprise of sudden hardware failure or replacement of aging hardware or software.

“We went live with cloud hosting for Deacom in February 2020, mere weeks before the world changed in March. By switching to cloud hosting, we were able to prepare ourselves for future growth as well as successfully move to remote work without scrabbling or needing to deploy makeshift solutions. The change to cloud also allowed us to completely eliminate the need for outside IT support to the main server which has reduced our IT support by 20%.”

– Chris Wood, VP of Operations at Copps Industries

Copps Industries

Avoid the common hardware cost cycle associated with an on-premise ERP installation

  • Aging Hardware – As hardware ages, it becomes less performant in relation to the industry. Hardware is typically replaced every 5-8 years.

  • Troubleshooting – As hardware ages companies may see hardware issues causing negative software performance.

  • Hardware Failure – Hardware failure can cause a significant business interruption with the current reliance on software to power a business.

  • Cost Cycle – The more internal infrastructure that exists, the more that will need to be replaced long term. Hidden costs and unforeseen issues can result in surprise costs that are not budgeted.
Hardware Cost Cycle

Companies around the world rely on ECI to host and manage their Deacom ERP environment using Microsoft Azure. With cloud hosting from ECI, you are able to leverage the flexibility and scalability needs of your business while removing the hassle of managing hardware and IT resources.

Download our Cloud Security Overview for more information.


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