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ERP Software for Dairy Producers

The Deacom Enterprise Resource Planning System provides dairy producers with the largest functional foundation to enable Hyper-Tight Process Control™

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Reduce Complexities

Reduce Complexities
With its native capabilities, Deacom ERP can help you eliminate multiple legacy business systems and modernize your overall ERP technology without impeding scalability.

Focus on Customers

Focus on Customers
Improve your direct store delivery experience with customers, facilitate multi-channel sales with built-in ecommerce capabilities, and manage private label product development with customer specific processing requests.

Gain Real-time Visibility

Gain Real-time Visibility
Track changing hauler pickup schedules, monitor fluid pricing structures, keep tabs on production lot tracking, and quickly access all quality control release information for finished goods. The activity and data across multiple facilities are managed from Deacom’s single system ERP.


Whether you contract manufacture, co-pack, or produce your own dairy products, Deacom’s full suite of business management tools support your complex requirements in the areas of production, quality control, warehousing, scheduling, regulatory reporting and compliance, and traceability.

Deacom ERP for Dairy Processors
Resiliency strategies for the supply chain, operational excellence, quality and safety, and consistently meeting regulatory requirements of the Dairy Industry are driving the need for processors to leverage an enterprise software system that is tailored to their market. Deacom ERP provides a flexible solution with industry-specific functionality that can be easily configured to the unique requirements of dairy processors.

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Track and trace batches

Track and trace batches of dairy products through the entire supply chain.

Monitor the raw material quality and components

Monitor the raw material quality and components of dairy products and adjust planning and related recipes.

Manage quality

Manage quality, including cold chain values to secure minimum shelf life.

Seamlessly manage pricing, dairy information, and private labels

Seamlessly manage pricing, dairy information, and private labels / packaging.

Plan maintenance and repair times

Plan maintenance and repair times into production.

Deacom ERP System Capabilities for Dairy Production

Business Intelligence/Dashboards
Catch Weight
Customer Management (CRM)
Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
Document Generation
Document Storage
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Label Generation
Mobile Apps
Maintenance (MRO)
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Point of Sale
Production Routings
Production Data

Product Configurator
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
R&D/Project Management
Regulatory Management

Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP

Optimize production and purchasing based on seasonal product demand.

Streamline your process for making changes to the production schedule.

Centralize supply and demand data for purchasing activities through material requirements planning.

Use the warehouse management system to receive, scan, and track raw materials seamlessly.

Record direct store delivery transactions, track inventory levels, record returns, and handle all order and cash reconciliation electronically.

Enforce FEFO (First Expired, First Out) inventory management rules to reduce unnecessary waste.

Automate quality control inventory release processes and prevent warehouse staff from transacting with lots in QC hold.

Facilitate intercompany inventory transfers.

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Candy & Snack

Candy & Snack

Create strict lot control with the WMS, streamline your ability to transact and report in a multi-facility environment, and improve sales order picking efficiency through zone and wave pick options.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Support inbound and outbound EDI transactions, formulate and generate nutritional fact panels, and use the lot tracking implosion/explosion reports in the event of a recall.



Manage the complexities of receiving and producing catch weight items, maintain product shelf life rules for customers and products with varying requirements, and connect your production equipment to an auto-finishing application to improve production efficiency.

Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

Access centralized data for real-time decision making, forecast production capacity requirements, and ensure customer specific quality standards are met.