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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Connect production equipment to Deacom ERP for advanced data analytics

Sync Production Inputs
Receive information on lots issued to production jobs for tracking and costings purposes.

Sync Production Finishes
Receive information on lots finished from production job for use with Deacom’s WMS platform.

Sync Quality and Job Information
Receive data points from the machinery to track the health of the equipment and analyze future system changes that need to be made.

Operator using MES system control panel

Automate your production operations with your ERP to drive efficiency and eliminate data entry errors.

Respond Faster
Trigger warnings from the ERP if quality results are tracking in the wrong direction from a production line.

Track More Data Points
Utilize more production data points to make informed business decisions.

Report in Real-Time
Sync real-time production information into the ERP to drive warehouse process control.


Machine communication drives real-time production reporting to help Encapsys understand the health of their production lines.

For Silver Spring Foods, the communication between their MES and Deacom ERP eliminates data entry requirements and ensures that the MES platform has the most up-to-date recipes to drive the production process.


Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP

Easy to Use APIs

APIs drive faster integrations between the MES and the ERP.

MES Agnostic

No matter which MES platform you use, Deacom can receive and send information using APIs.

Sync Formulations

Send formulations and recipes from Deacom to the MES system to drive the production process.

Run Rate Tracking

Keep your Deacom master production calendar up to date in real-time based on MES run rate feedback.

Labor Tracking

Pass required labor tracking information between Deacom and the MES.

Job Scheduling

Schedule all jobs in Deacom and send required information to the MES platform.

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Batch Production

Batch Production

Improve quality, drive efficiency, and enhance business visibility with process controls specifically built for batch production environments.

Labor Tracking

Labor Tracking

Track actual production labor to validate product costing and improve efficiency in your business.

Maintenance (MRO / CMMS)

Maintenance (MRO / CMMS)

Plan for scheduled maintenance, provide visibility to production scheduling, and manage spare parts inventory.

Weigh Up

Weigh Up

Use functionality within the ERP system to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your weigh up processes.