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ERP Software for Toll Manufacturers

Build production efficiencies and improve customer management with a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution

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Warehouse Management
As a native part of the core ERP system, Deacom WMS delivers a higher level of data integrity and accuracy than those solutions that depend on separate systems. All transactions are completed in real-time, driving inventory visibility of a growing business.

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Process Control
Quality control checkpoints are implemented throughout the product lifecycle to help protect against mistakes. By implementing scalable and repeatable processes, toll manufactures can ensure consistent quality standards are being met.

Centralized Client Management
Detailed customer information is managed in one location but is natively tied to various, critical areas of the business, like billing, production, costing, and shipping.

Deacom ERP delivers a robust set of functionality within a single business management platform.

By limiting a toll manufacturer’s dependence on independent, 3rd party solutions, data management is centralized so strict process controls can enforced.

Document Generation
Whether it is a certificate of analysis, invoice, or SDS form, Deacom provides the means to automatically generate documents directly from the core ERP system.

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Production Labor Tracking
Track machine and labor data to determine production costs while gaining a thorough understanding of actual vs standard costs.

Quality Control
Built-in tools ensure quality control steps are never ignored and the customer requirements are always met.

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With Deacom ERP, manufacturers and distributors are able to leverage Hyper-Tight Process Control™ to help them eliminate the cost of being wrong.

In this brief video, watch a demonstration of exactly how one of Deacom’s native capabilities, the Warehouse Management System, helps to achieve Hyper-Tight Process Control™ by ensuring the right materials are always being picked for production jobs.

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Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP

Certificate of Analysis

Configure COA documents to include any number of customer required data points.

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Capacity Planning

Data from product routings, customer forecasts, and production lines provide detailed reports for production capacity.

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Real-Time Data

With a single set of business logic, real-time information allows for smart business decisions.

Lot Traceability

Product recalls can be completed forward and backwards.

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Unlimited layers of serialization can be managed and generated within the core system.

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QC Reporting

Generate real-time QC test results for stakeholders.


GS1-128 barcodes allow users to quickly and efficiently scan information to drive sales and inventory management.

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Dock Scheduling

Optimize dock space by scheduling inbound and outbound truck appointments with a real-time dock calendar.

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Minimize disruption by planning and scheduling equipment and facility maintenance.

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Candy & Snack

Candy & Snack

Create strict lot control with the WMS, streamline your ability to transact and report in a multi-facility environment, and improve sales order picking efficiency through zone and wave pick options.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Support inbound and outbound EDI transactions, formulate and generate nutritional fact panels, and use the lot tracking implosion/explosion reports in the event of a recall.



Manage the complexities of receiving and producing catch weight items, maintain product shelf life rules for customers and products with varying requirements, and connect your production equipment to an auto-finishing application to improve production efficiency.

Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

Access centralized data for real-time decision making, forecast production capacity requirements, and ensure customer specific quality standards are met.