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ERP Software for Private Equity Owned Manufacturers and Distributors

Improve visibility and maximize your bottom line with Deacom’s centralized ERP platform

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Deacom ERP operates on a single set of business rules so all data resides in one, single location. This also paves a simpler path to scale for aggressive growth and roll out the software to additional business entities.

98% Implementation Success Rate

98% Implementation Success Rate
The combination of Deacom’s “Why-driven” approach and implementation price transparency delivers a success rate that drastically exceeds the industry average while avoiding cost overruns.

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By bringing multiple companies onto the Deacom ERP platform, PE companies can standardize processes and procedures across the portfolio. This strategy delivers greater control, visibility, and potential to drive higher profits.

Abstract financial data

Deacom approaches ERP differently than the Tier 1 players by significantly limiting a company’s dependence on third-party software and customizations.

The fully-integrated ERP platform creates a strong foundation for Private Equity companies to centralize and better manage their portfolio companies while driving their bottom line.

Optimize Visibility


Relying on a single source of truth, Deacom ERP provides stakeholders with access to real-time data across one or multiple businesses with drilldown capabilities. This level of financial understanding is essential for PE firms to effectively manage the portfolio and uncover opportunities for greater profitability.


Detailed insight into live company performance helps PE firms ensure that their companies are performing at their best and delivering quality products that meet their standards.

Synalloy Corporation aggressively targets different types of businesses for acquisitions, making its requirements quite complex. After a successful 7-month implementation for its main facility, the company migrated all its business units onto Deacom ERP and continues to do so with each new acquisition.

With a standardized set of processes already established within Deacom, the implementation for new acquisitions is quicker, more efficient, and drives faster revenue growth.

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Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP

Experienced Team

As industry experts, Deacom’s team offers deep industry knowledge to help create best practices for customers.

Business Intelligence

Dashboards provide real-time insights to improve portfolio management.

Comprehensive Reports

Real-time data can be used to generate comprehensive reports for stakeholders quickly.


Android and iOS apps boost the accuracy and speed of strong decision making while on the go.

Consolidated Financials

Data can be rolled up for the entire portfolio or financials can be broken out by individual companies.

Web-Based Platform

The .NET framework provides a truly flexible ERP environment that can be accessed from any browser or mobile device.

One Support Team

By not using third party functionality, customers rely on only one support team and set of resources.

Streamlined Interface

The Deacom interface remains the same throughout the entire platform which helps to boost user adoption rates.


Security controls for user groups and roles can be applied to control access to sensitive information.

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