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Wave Picking

Deacom ERP software allows you to combine multiple orders in a batch to reduce the required number of trips that pickers need to take through the warehouse

Determine the order sequence and their wave assignments based on timing of orders going out as well as dock space.

Assign users to pick each wave, or path, ideally so that all picking will be completed at the same time.

Monitor performance by determining if certain waves are being completed in a slower time frame than others and make decisions on how to resolve these bottlenecks.

Reduce Travel Time
By sequencing your locations correctly, your warehouse workers will be shown the quickest picking route available.

Immediate Next Action
The scanner will give confirmation when the correct product is scanned and immediately display the next item to be picked along with the location to pick from.

Worker scanning items in a warehouse.

Reduce travel times through the warehouse with wave picking and Deacom ERP

Fully Definable Picking Rules

The process of how orders should be sequenced to pick can be based on any sales order or item qualities. This provides an additional level of control over how to reduce time spent moving around the warehouse.


Zones represent a series of inventory locations within the warehouse. Operators can be assigned directly to the zone for picking purposes with the option of restricting them to only transact with a certain zone.

Put Away Rules

User-definable put-away rules exist to define the sequence of locations to put inventory away in. Defining these in the correct sequence will allow for putting inventory away after it is received with the least amount of travel time throughout the warehouse.

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Warehouse Anchoring

Warehouse Anchoring

Combine multiple orders in a batch to reduce the required number of trips that pickers need to take through the warehouse.

Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting

Conduct a series of audits on smaller subsets of inventory that are housed in specific locations of your warehouse.

Dock Scheduling

Dock Scheduling

Schedule outbound sales, inter-company transfers, and inbound purchase order receipts on available docks.

Location Replenishment

Location Replenishment

See real-time stock levels at locations and make decisions on how to replenish them when below the minimum level.