ERP Software for Bulk Chemical Manufacturers

Manage your unique bulk chemical manufacturing processes with a single ERP platform

Regulatory Compliance
Generate regulatory documents (GHS/SDS) and regulatory reports (Prop. 65) on demand.
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Process Control
Force the end user to pick the appropriate material to reduce blown batches and scrap.

Formulation Management
Provide R&D tools including revision tracking, visibility to costs, and property calculations based on ingredients.
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Deacom’s large functional footprint is able to meet the unique needs of a bulk chemical manufacturer better than any other ERP platform on the market.

bulk chemical tanks in storage

Reduce the holding cost of your inventory and ensure stock is on hand to meet your production and sales requirements.
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Quality Control
Prevent use or shipment of product unless it passes QC inspection.
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Reduce production downtime through maintenance scheduling tools that work in conjunction with production scheduling.
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Jay Deakins - Deacom, Inc.

Why Deacom Exists

In this whiteboard session, Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, discusses the approach that DEACOM ERP software takes to address the specific, often complex needs of batch and process manufacturers.

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Accomplish all of this and more with DEACOM ERP

Container/Tote Tracking

Serialize totes and track them at your customer’s locations until returned.

Production Scheduling

Provide a visual production schedule with color codes for individual jobs based on inventory availability.


Establish product forecasts or import customer forecasts to use in the MRP planning process.

Machine APIs

Connect your production equipment to the ERP to provide a real-time view to operations.

Labor Tracking

Record labor against specific jobs to track actual versus standard labor costs.

Production By-Products

Track by-products and co-products during the production process and through the re-work or work-off process.

ASHTA Chemicals leverage the maintenance planning functionality within DEACOM to minimize production downtown for their continuous flow operations.

Ashta Chemicals

Explore some of the other industries we serve

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants

Enable total process control with quality control checkpoints in your production, access real-time inventory reports, and generate documents such as safety data sheets or certificates of analysis.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Manage the needs of multiple customers within a single system, generate customer specific documents, and meet production demands with MRP scheduling tools.



Manage your warehouses, sell directly to stores, and take online orders using a single ERP platform.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Maintain visibility to your production costs and yields, comply with regulatory requirements with on-demand reporting, and manage inventory from a centralized location.