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ERP Software for the Budding Cannabis Industry

A complete business management platform that delivers beyond Seed-to-Sale

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The Largest Functional Foundation

Deacom’s single data source provides you with centralized, real-time access to critical business information. This rolls up into our native tools for accounting, purchasing, production scheduling, material requirements planning, inventory management, document generation, quality control, and lot tracking, to name a few. With Deacom, you can rid your cannabis company of juggling data between multiple modules and spreadsheets – which can often lead to data inconsistencies and wasted resources.

Scalability to Parallel Your Future Needs

Deacom operates under the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, applying this to our overall agile development strategy. As your cannabis business evolves, so too will the list of software requirements that are needed to run it. The Deacom ERP model does not rely on customizations or bolt-ons that can impede your ability to scale. In fact, we make all new features, enhancements, and extensibility available to our entire customer base to ensure everyone has the ability to leverage the latest technology.

Leaders in Process Control

We believe process control is at the forefront of any successful business – including cannabis growers, manufacturers, processors, and distributors. Our ERP software goes beyond just keeping tabs on your operations by providing the necessary stop gaps and enforcing essential behavior needed for: production, quality control, inventory management, document generation, sales and accounting, and even distribution.

Deacom develops a comprehensive ERP solution that provides cannabis growers and processors with all of the tools necessary to run their business.

Whether it’s meeting regulatory compliance with automated reporting tools, managing product development with built-in formulation management, or providing full inventory traceability from seed-to-sale, Deacom has you covered.

cannabis products

Job Management
Report on the amount of cannabis produced or received.

Sales Order Management
Report on the amount of cannabis sold or received, including number of shipments per customer or location.

Inventory Management
Report on the amount of cannabis held in inventory per period.

Formula Management
Report on cannabis being used while conducting research and development activities.

Built with Compliance in Mind

The cannabis industry is moving fast and Deacom can help you comply with the evolving state (US) and province (Canada) reporting regulations with functions already built into the enterprise resource planning software.

Accomplish all of this and more with Deacom ERP


Perform customer and market intelligence analysis, manage customer information and track engagement, and measure demand.


Manage, create, and track sales orders, process ecommerce orders, use built-in product configuration, and determine product availability.


Manage production operations, report quality control results, track warehouse inventory, and utilize planning and scheduling calendars.


Perform planning and management accounting, including budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, and revenue accounting.


Drive efficiency throughout the warehouse by using barcodes to track inventory movement.


Stay on top of operations with Deacom Mobile – no matter if you are traveling to a meeting, in the field, or on vacation.

With Deacom ERP, manufacturers and distributors are able to leverage Hyper-Tight Process Control™ to help them eliminate the cost of being wrong.

In this brief video, watch a demonstration of exactly how one of Deacom’s native capabilities, the Warehouse Management System, helps to achieve Hyper-Tight Process Control™ by ensuring the right materials are always being picked for production jobs.

Watch the video

Explore some of the other industries we serve

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Maintain formulations, facilitate inter/intra company transfers, and ensure proper labeling requirements are met.



Enforce quality control checkpoints in your production, maintain strict lot control, and generate customer specific COA documents.



Report on production yields and costing, comply with 21 CFR Part 11 FDA validation, and use MRP to understand current and time bucketed demand and inventory availability.

Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing

Access centralized data for real-time decision making, forecast production capacity requirements, and ensure customer specific quality standards are met.