Deacom ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Global Manufacturers and Distributors

Deacom offers a different approach to ERP software. By providing all of the required ERP functionality within one platform, Deacom avoids the customizations, bolt-ons, and workarounds that plague traditional ERP implementations. Learn more +

How it Began

The Origins of Deacom ERP Software

Deacom was created by Jay Deakins in 1995 in the basement of his split-level home outside of Philadelphia. After owning a process manufacturing company, Jay saw an opportunity in the market for an ERP that could solve the unique challenges process manufacturers face. Jay built the Deacom ERP platform from the ground up while balancing programming, support, implementation, and sales with family time.

26 years, 175 employees, and 225 customers later, Deacom remains a thriving solution dedicated to the success of process manufacturers around the globe. Learn more +

The Artisans of ERP Software

Process Control

Hyper-Tight Process Control™ with a Single System

Process control is the ability to create scalable and repeatable business practices. Ensuring Hyper-Tight Process Control™ requires the following components and other key building blocks to be in the same system. If any one of these components is done in a separate system, manually or outside the system in Excel, then steps can be bypassed causing breaks in process control. You must bat a thousand, handling all cases in the system to guarantee Hyper-Tight Process Control. Learn more +

Deacom ERP Process Control Diagram


Largest Functional Foundation

Going beyond the basic functionality offered within traditional ERP solutions, Deacom provides a comprehensive range of business management capabilities specific to global manufacturers and distributors.


Process Manufacturing and Distribution

With a strong understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers and distributors, Deacom has been developed as an ERP solution specific for the needs of customers within these industries.


Guaranteed Fixed Price

Understanding that an ERP implementation is a significant investment, businesses that implement Deacom are able to leverage a guaranteed fixed-price. Additionally, the support of a strong team of ERP and process manufacturing experts drives the software's implementation success rate of 98% which drastically exceeds the industry standard. Learn more +

DEACOM ERP Implementation Dashboard
98% Success Rate
Due to its unique approach, customers are live on the software at a rate that far exceeds the industry average of 53%

0 Customizations
Instead of customizing the software, our team completes an average of 23 enhancements per implementation to solve a customer’s unique business needs

0 Third-Party Consultants
All implementation projects are driven by the Deacom team, eliminating the typical finger pointing between ERP vendors and implementors


Wow Support Driving Customer Retention'

ERP should be more than the industry standard 5-10 year commitment. The Deacom support team helps drive our unprecedented 99% customer retention rate. Learn more +

99% Customer Retention
Yearly retention rate for ERP, which is off the charts amazing
100% Internally Based
In an industry where most vendors outsource support overseas
24 x 7 x 365
The support team is available at anytime for your business needs


Continuous Improvement

Another driver behind Deacom’s 99% retention rate is the fact that new, feature-rich upgrades are provided at no cost as part of the Deacom Kaizen methodology. These are based on the demands of customers and encourages them to upgrade on a regular basis. Learn more +

$0 Cost
All future Deacom upgrades are provided at no additional cost

1755 New Features
Added to the software on an annual basis to help your business evolve

90% Upgrade Rate
Percent of customers on a version released within the last three years, driven by new features developed for customers and the ease of upgrades.
DEACOM ERP Quality Control on a Tablet


Global Functionality

Deacom includes support for multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-company companies around the globe. Complex localized tax and accounting rules are also supported through Deacom’s configurable platform. Learn more +

DEACOM ERP Localization
Deacom’s data-driven language structure enables you to configure Deacom’s out of the box language packs once and view the languages across the ERP, WMS and mobile applications.
Complete transactions in any currency while ensuring that financials and management reports are available to be viewed in your home currency.
Run multiple companies within Deacom ERP and view financials on a consolidated or individual basis.


Modern Technology Stack

A modern technology stack drives scalability, system performance, and security. When your customers come to you with unique requests, Deacom’s architecture and model helps you react faster than traditional ERP solutions. Learn more +

DEACOM Technology Stack
30 Minutes
Average time required to install Deacom ERP, which crushes the industry norm

2 Minutes
Average time required to run a Deacom upgrade; a result of the Deacom ERP software model which eliminates the need to update customizations and write data scripts

1 Minute
Average time to run MRP in Deacom, providing your planners with real-time data to make supply chain decisions

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