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Press Release: Process Manufacturers Praise Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) Built Into DEACOM ERP Software

WAYNE, PA – July 29, 2014 – Deacom, Inc., producer of a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution built specifically for process manufacturing companies, today announced that their built-in Warehouse Management System (WMS) is having a significantly positive impact on its process manufacturing customers, inspiring praise from users.
DEACOM users are excited about their WMS primarily because of the advantages associated with the built-in structure.  While most WMS software is bolted on to an existing ERP system, Deacom’s single system model has enabled them to develop their WMS as a thin front-end layer that utilizes the business logic found in the main ERP application.  Deacom customers benefit from having real-time access to the exact data found in DEACOM ERP, through wireless handheld scanners. 
This real-time capability takes inventory management to the next level by providing DEACOM users the means to quickly and easily process transactions from the warehouse floor, increasing productivity and process control while reducing pick-time and cost.  
When asked about his experience with Deacom’s WMS, Jim Fragnoli, CFO of custom food ingredient innovator and supplier, California Custom Fruits and Flavors (CCFF) stated, “DEACOM has enabled us to manage our warehouse so efficiently that we no longer need to run production over the weekend in order to keep up with demand. Plus, our inventory is now extremely accurate. I look at what we are accomplishing with DEACOM and can honestly say that if I had to do it all over again, there is no question I would choose DEACOM.”
Recent developments to Deacom’s WMS have provided additional flexibility and efficiency to its users.  Some of these developments include:
·       Easy management of government mandated cleaning and sanitation processes for assets
·       Ability to execute transactions in multiple units of measure, enabling more efficient inventory movements.
·       Increased efficiency when moving materials between facilities, including a new option for ad-hoc inter-company transfers while maintaining the ability to generate required regulatory documentation
·       Shipping and receiving tracked assets via the WMS, providing visibility into the exact customer location of those assets and facilitating each assets return
Vice President of Administration at Raining Rose, a full-service producer of pure and natural body care products, commented on the increased visibility provided by Deacom’s WMS, and resulting customer service improvements.  “The ability to know where our inventory is at any given time, allows us to give more up-to-date information to our customers.  When we have those numbers at the click of a button, we look good to our customers, and we all know looking good to our customers is top priority!”
Deacom continues to evaluate ways to evolve their WMS offering, with their customers as a primary source of ideas.  “Effective warehouse management is critical to many of our customers, so their feedback on our WMS is equally as critical to us”, says Deacom President Jay Deakins. “Our system architecture and fixed-price model allow us to develop and implement customer suggestions quickly, at no additional cost to them. This ensures they will continue to receive maximum value from DEACOM.”