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Press Release: Personal Care Manufacturer Selects DEACOM ERP Software to Expedite National Expansion

WAYNE, PA – October 21, 2014 – Deacom, Inc., creator of a modern, single system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution specifically for batch and process-based manufacturing companies, announced today that Bocchi Laboratories, a full-service contract manufacturer of health, beauty and personal care products for a number of well-known retail brands, has selected DEACOM ERP to support their rapid growth and expansion.
Bocchi Labs’ expansion will include the launch of a new manufacturing facility in Ohio to open mid-next year, as well as the introduction of additional products lines.  With a customer-centric focus, it is crucial to Bocchi that they be able to maintain their consistently high level of quality and efficient turnaround times throughout the expansion.
Bocchi was initially drawn to Deacom because of the process-industry focus, but quickly recognized the full value of the unique single system model and resulting positive impact it would have on their growing company.  They specifically cited the increased process control, comprehensive functionality, and elimination of bolt-ons and customizations, as well as DEACOM’s overall scalability. 
“Scalability was a huge factor in our decision to select Deacom,” said Bocchi Labs’ IT Director Dave Carpenter.  “We have been looking for a tool to help grow our business, as opposed to a system that could potentially hold us back.  We see great value in Deacom’s model and firmly believe it provides us the best growth potential when compared to the alternatives we evaluated. DEACOM stood out as the system most likely to evolve along with us.” 
Another of Bocchi’s priorities was to select a system that could be successfully implemented and ready-to-use in their new Ohio facility starting on day one, with implementation approach as a key criterion in their selection.
“Many of us have been through disastrous ERP implementations in the past with other vendors, “ said Carpenter.  “We have experienced the pitfalls of generic systems with industry-specific bolt-ons and heavy customization that lead to significant budget overruns.  Deacom is the only vendor we evaluated that was designed to alleviate these risks and ensure a successful implementation at our current facility in addition to all future sites.”
Bocchi is planning to fully implement DEACOM in both their new Ohio facility as well as the current California location, providing increased visibility across the entire organization.  They plan to go-live midway through 2015.