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Press Release: Food Manufacturer Vienna Beef Selects DEACOM ERP Software to Improve Operations

WAYNE, PA – October 29, 2013 – Deacom, Inc., producer of an ERP software solution specifically for the process manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce that food manufacturing company, Vienna Beef, specializing in hot dogs, sausages, deli meats, condiments, pickles, soups and chili, has selected the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to improve operations and establish a lasting partnership for growth.
Running on legacy systems that require bolted-on modules, Vienna Beef found themselves using Excel workarounds, which adversely affected their process control and productivity.  Additionally, their multiple locations were utilizing different systems, causing a lack of visibility across the organization.  Imminent plans to move into a new facility provided further motivation to invest in a more robust, comprehensive ERP solution to simplify and strengthen their operations in support of regulatory compliance and long-term growth.
Vienna Beef entered the evaluation process with a clear sense of what a best-fit solution looks like for their business, as well as the internal improvements they expect to achieve as a result.  To meet their objectives and see a return on their investment, they would need not only an ERP system built for performance, but an implementation and support structure suitable for long-term partnership.
The Vienna Beef team was immediately drawn to the DEACOM model, in which all required functionality is written into a single set of code without the need for bolt-ons or customizations.  Ultimately, the decision to select DEACOM was driven by several factors, among them were DEACOM’s ability to handle the specific needs of a food manufacturer and the system’s inherent flexibility, which will enable and support Vienna Beef’s growth and evolution over time. 
“In addition to our confidence in the DEACOM model and functional fit, we have confidence in Deacom as a long-term partner”, said Jack Bodman, Vienna Beef’s President of Operations. “I put a lot of value on the personal element of an investment such as this, and Deacom emerged as a true partner.  We are excited to move forward with them as a collective team.”