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Press Release: Deacom, Inc. Offers Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Built Into ERP Solution for Process Manufacturers

WAYNE, PA – December 17, 2013Deacom, Inc., producer of an ERP software solution built specifically for mixed-mode and process-based manufacturing companies, announced today that with the latest release of DEACOM ERP, customers will benefit from the newly developed Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application that is built into their ERP software.  
Most DSD solutions are bolted on to an ERP system, requiring complex and expensive bridges to manage the data integration points.  This creates a challenge when trying to reconcile sales, customer, and inventory data between the DSD solution and the ERP system.  In this environment, companies experience problematic delays with data synchronization and even risk losing their data altogether.  These challenges often result in the need for time-consuming manual data entry, which leads to inconsistency.
Deacom’s DSD solution eliminates these issues.  Built into DEACOM ERP, all data is processed in one single system.  When Deacom customers need to make real-time changes to their data from the road -- managing routes, creating and modifying orders, scanning products, processing returns, capturing signatures, creating and printing invoices and receipts, and more – they can easily do so from their iPhone or iPad, and with confidence that their data will be consistent from main office to delivery route.   
With the DSD app in “offline” mode, their data is stored locally in the app. Every transaction and data revision is recorded without requiring an internet connection. As soon as an internet connection returns, the application communicates with DEACOM ERP, making those changes accessible via the ERP system immediately.  And with the same data drilldown and reporting capabilities, customer’s can see the exact same data and detail through the DSD application that they would see through the main system. This full visibility gives users the flexibility they need to provide their customers with the highest levels of service, regardless of location. 
“At Deacom, we have a continued commitment and drive to make complex issues as simple as they can be.  Our new DSD tool turns what has traditionally been a major headache for many companies, into a simple solution that can create a competitive advantage for our customers”, said Deacom President Jay Deakins.