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Press Release: DEACOM ERP Software Selected to Streamline Toll Chemical Manufacturing Operations

WAYNE, PA – April 29, 2014 – Deacom, Inc., producer of a modern ERP software solution specifically for chemical manufacturing and other process-based manufacturing industries, announced today that Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. has selected the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to streamline their multifaceted custom toll manufacturing operations. 
Holly Oak Chemical has been recognized for their high quality, custom products since 1979.  With all products manufactured on a batch-by-batch basis, and production sizes ranging from lab samples to bulk loads, Holly Oak has developed a flexible and scalable production process that has worked effectively over the years.  However, their ERP system, which sits on obsolete technology and is no longer supported by the vendor, has created unnecessary operational complexity and cost – both of which are likely to prohibit their progress and growth. 
The family-owned company knew that in order to take their business to the next level and leave a strong legacy for generations to come, they would need an ERP system that offers batch industry-specific functionality, flexibility to support their custom production process, and a modern technology foundation that would allow them to remain current with simple upgrades.  They did not want to find themselves evaluating ERP software again in five or ten years, so they focused on finding both a long-term solution and a long-term vendor relationship.
Holly Oak was immediately impressed by Deacom’s responsiveness throughout the evaluation process, the deep industry-specific knowledge and capability, and the transparency of Deacom’s guaranteed fixed pricing structure.  Also seeing significant value in the single system model, built to enable evolution by eliminating complex and costly customizations and bolt-ons, Holly Oak identified DEACOM to be the flexible, modern, and specialized system they were looking for. 
“It’s apparent that Deacom is highly invested in the growth and development of their product. They use the DEACOM system and rely on it’s technology every day. This tells us that they are equally as committed to their customers, and the impact that DEACOM ERP has on their businesses every day,” says Holly Oak co-owner and Production Manager/Technical Lead, James Cashion III.  “We are excited to be implementing DEACOM, because we are confident that we have found the software and the team to help us build a strong legacy for Holly Oak and our family.”
Holly Oak also cited Deacom’s mobile application and Warehouse Management System as functionality they look forward to utilizing in the near future.  These capabilities will provide additional flexibility, efficiency and convenience to their operations.