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Press Release: Deacom, Inc. Raises the Support Bar with Standard Setting Speed and Agility

WAYNE, PA – October 24, 2013Deacom, Inc., producer of an ERP software solution built specifically for process manufacturing companies, announced today that they are changing the face of ERP.  “We offer customers more than just a mission critical system. We are in the business of creating competitive advantage”, said Deacom Operations Manager Scott Deakins.  “We have always worked hard to ensure customer success, but continually measuring our results and adjusting our processes has been the key to creating huge opportunity for our customers.”
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, traditionally thought of as a facilitator of inter-departmental data flow, can actually play a much more significant role. By enabling speed and agility, ERP can provide companies an additional tool with which to strategically position themselves in the market.  For ERP software to do this effectively it must possess the qualities it is meant to enable.  While slow, traditional ERP systems assembled with bolt-ons and customizations often get in the way, DEACOM ERP has created a model that is built for speed. 
Written in one single set of base code, DEACOM ERP is inherently more flexible and less complex than its counterparts.  This provides a foundation for speed that flows through every aspect of the DEACOM experience, from system performance to customer support. 
The ERP vendor landscape is flooded with stories about slow, cumbersome systems that have equally as slow customer support; taking weeks to generate an initial response and requiring multiple months to provide an action plan.  Delayed responses to questions and system issues directly affect a company’s ability to effectively manage their business, make timely decisions, and quickly adapt to changing customer and market demands.  This is counterintuitive to the power an ERP system should deliver, and counterproductive to the ultimate goal of gaining competitive advantage.
The DEACOM model provides this power not only through the speed and agility of its software, but through the accelerated responsiveness of its Support services.  With a simple classification system in place to assign levels of severity to each support ticket, Deacom commits to rapid response times from day one. 
·       Critical” tickets receive initial response with a plan of action within one hour, resolution within one business day
·       “Major” tickets receive initial response with a plan of action within three hours, resolution within five business days
·       “Minor” tickets receive initial response with a plan of action within three hours, resolution within one month
Taking all tickets into consideration, Deacom boasts an average overall initial response time of less than 2.5 hours, with 68% of all tickets achieving total resolution within 24 hours.  
For Process Manufacturers, these timely responses are crucial, particularly when the alternative - system workarounds and subsequent lack of process control – can lead to recalls, defects and loss of market share. 
The ability to promptly address system issues and take advantage of new system features that add value to the business can define whether a company establishes a proactive or reactive approach to their operations.  The more proactive a company can be, the more control they will have over the evolution of their business. 
“We have been working for 19 years to create ERP software and services that live and breathe inside your business, empowering change and growth”, said Deacom President Jay Deakins.  “This is the true value an ERP system can bring…the ability to successfully serve the business you are today, as well as to help you become the business you will be tomorrow.”