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Press Release: Cosmetic Manufacturer Goes Live on DEACOM ERP Software Solution

WAYNE, PA – September 10, 2013 – Deacom, Inc., creator of ERP software for cosmetic manufacturing companies, announced today that Raining Rose, a full-service producer of pure and natural body care products, has successfully implemented the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to simplify and streamline their manufacturing operations.
Experiencing increasing operational complexity, it was critical that Raining Rose partner with an ERP vendor that could simplify their processes. Implementing the DEACOM single software solution proved to be substantially beneficial from both a process improvement and team collaboration perspective. Open and clear communication throughout the implementation allowed Deacom to gain a thorough understanding of Raining Rose’s greatest challenges, enabling the team to design system enhancements and over thirty system modifications that would benefit both Raining Rose and the broader Deacom client base considerably.
Raining Rose was most notably challenged with how to successfully manage a growing number of custom orders. They needed to address this complexity before it began to impact their ability to service their customers. DEACOM’s configurator functionality was the solution.  Built directly into the ERP software and enhanced to fit their specific operational needs, the configurator simplifies custom order management by offering greater visibility into the order-to-fulfillment process with real-time data access at each step.
Real time inventory was another big issue for Raining Rose.  The DEACOM report options provide a high level preview to ensure processes are completed timely, allowing for better lot traceability and improved warehouse management.  This increased process control has strengthened Raining Rose’s operational performance and their customer relationships.   
“Partnering with Deacom has resulted in far more than we expected. They took the time to learn exactly what our company needed and committed to delivering it - and that’s just what they did,” said Judy Lubben, CFO at Raining Rose. “Deacom has pushed us to get better in every area of our business.  The configurator and reporting have moved us to the next level.  They had exactly what we needed at a time that was very critical to our growth.  We look forward to using more and more functionality in the future.”