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Press Release: Award-winning Nutraceutical Manufacturer Gains New Agility with DEACOM ERP Software

WAYNE, PA – February 5, 2014 – Deacom, Inc., creator of ERP software for nutraceutical manufacturing and other process manufacturing companies, announced today that Suntrition Inc., an award-winning, advanced manufacturer of nutraceutical products, has successfully implemented the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, resulting in a more streamlined and responsive organization that is well-positioned for growth.
Suntrition had been using a basic system, relying heavily on Excel spreadsheets to manage their operations.  This required substantial manual data entry and was not adequate to support the explosive growth and increased regulation they were experiencing.  Motivated to find a more comprehensive and agile ERP solution that could support their current and future needs, Suntrition partnered with Deacom.
The inherent flexibility of DEACOM ERP’s single system model has had a significant impact on Suntrition’s entire recipe to shipment process.  Now utilizing functionality built specifically to handle the needs of a highly regulated business, including robust traceability and quality control, automated Certificates of Analysis, and real-time regulatory reporting, as well as user-friendly workflows to manage every step of their process, Suntrition’s level of process control has dramatically increased. 
Suntrition also had some unique functionality needs that Deacom developers addressed simply by writing enhancements directly into the base code of the DEACOM ERP system.  Because Deacom customers are allowed an unlimited number of system configurations at no additional cost, Suntrition’s operations will remain agile, enabling their continued growth and evolution.  
With this growth occurring both organically and inorganically, Suntrition pursued an acquisition midway through implementation.  Their improved adaptability and the application of best business practices allowed Suntrition to absorb the acquisition and go live on DEACOM without increasing their system costs.
“What we didn't fully appreciate until we were in the thick of the implementation process was the flexibility of not just the Deacom system, but the Deacom team as well”, said Jo-Anne McNab, Suntrition’s Planner/Scheduler/ERP Manager.  “They addressed every need we had without issue or additional cost.  Their commitment to the success of our implementation has exceeded our expectations; they have been a true partner to our business."