Warehouse Management System
Track lots, manage inventory, and enable centralization of your WMS system

Benefits of Real-Time Inventory Management ERP

With Deacom's unique approach, the Warehouse Management System and its inventory management capabilities are part of the overall ERP foundation. The result is a streamlined solution that will allow your manufacturing and distribution operations to reach new levels of functional accuracy and better visibility for management.


Silver Spring Foods



Reduction in Inventory Variance

In this customer insight video, Noah Wallace, CIO of Silver Spring Foods, discusses the reduction in inventory variance that the business achieved after implementing Deacom's ERP software.




The Largest Functional Foundation

Deacom's warehouse management software is one of many components that are part of our overall ERP platform. The WMS system completes all transactions within the one environment, through the use of handheld scanners. This ensures a level of process control and data integrity that separate systems struggle with. All of the warehouse transactions are done in real-time, helping you improve inventory visibility of your growing business.

Enforce strict process control

Our robust ERP system promotes strict process control in each warehouse transaction. This drives scalable, repeatable practices that are critical for any manufacturing and distribution facility. By using modern barcode scanning practices, you can ensure the warehouse team does not ship lots that are on QC hold to customers.

GS1-128 Barcode Tracking

GS1-128 barcodes are a high density barcode that uses application identifiers such as best before dates, batch numbers, quantities, and weights. The ability to track multiple data points for a single lot is a must-have for proper inventory management. Often used in receiving, job issuing, job finishing, and sales reserving, Deacom's inventory management system uses GS1-128 barcodes to drive warehouse efficiency and promote proper lot tracking.

Scanner running Deacom's WMS System

Take Operational Control of Your Warehouse

Deacom's warehouse management software provides you with the process controls for:

  • Creating Barcodes for Warehouse Transactions
  • Receiving Purchase Orders
  • Shipping and Receiving Inter-Company Transfers
  • Receiving Dock Inventory Putaway
  • Managing and Processing Quarantined Inventory
  • Moving Inventory
  • Picking Inventory for Production Jobs
  • Putting Away Inventory
  • Picking Inventory for Sales Orders
  • Shipping Sales Orders
  • Shipping with FedEx and UPS
  • Generating Shipping Documents
  • Scheduling Warehouse Docks
  • Adjusting Inventory
  • Completing a Physical Inventory
  • Performing Cycle Counts
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Final Staging
  • Multi-step Reserving

The largest ERP foundation that includes WMS capabilities to support multiple areas of your business


  • Add multiple data points to a single GS1-128 barcode and allow the warehouse team to scan it for completing transactions
  • Print multiple barcodes from within a transaction in the WMS to add onto inventory
  • Gain full support of serialized and catch weight inventory on the scanner


  • Allow the receiving team to rapidly move through incoming shipments from your supply chain
  • Reduce errors and increase efficiency by scanning received inventory
  • Provide your vendors with a label generating tool to comply with labeling requirements
  • Automatically generate the expiration date of the product which can be overridden by the user if necessary


  • Facilitate efficient movement of raw materials to jobs through issuing and staging transactions
  • Complete product labeling for future transactions no matter if you are finishing in bulk or incrementally
  • Ensure tight controls over inventory with the checks and balances available throughout the entire business management system
  • Maintain strict lot tracking while allowing the warehouse team to control the finishing process

License Plates

  • Utilize license plates to efficiently move items around the warehouse in a single transaction
  • Build and track full or partial catch weight pallets throughout the warehouse


  • Enable a zone picking strategy to improve sales order picking
  • Ensure accurate order fulfillment by picking and staging sales orders in advance, based on lot recommendations by the inventory system
  • Maintain strict control over the selection of appropriate lots for shipment including, first in first out (FIFO), first expired first out (FEFO), and more
  • Print customer specific item and shipping labels without the sales or shipping teams having to remember to generate them each time
  • Generate the certificate of authenticity (COA), bill of lading, and any other required shipping documentation directly from the warehouse management system

Physical Inventory

  • Move inventory between locations
  • Utilize cycle counting within the application to increase inventory accuracy and eliminate the need for that dreaded, year-end, full physical count
  • Improve count efficiency and accuracy by providing the warehouse team with the ability to scan inventory and location barcodes
  • Reserve inventory for sales or production orders


  • Implement an unlimited number of serialization levels for your inventory
  • Each Serialization - Serialize individual units upon receipt or completion of production
  • Container Serialization - Place multiple units into a serialized container or box
  • Pallet Serialization - Load containers onto a serialized pallet



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