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Press Release: Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Modernizes with DEACOM ERP Software

WAYNE, PA – February 3, 2015 – Deacom, Inc., creator of a leading ERP software solution, announced today that RITA Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals to the cosmetic, personal care and industrial markets worldwide, has recently kicked-off their implementation of DEACOM ERP.  
RITA Corp selected DEACOM to replace an ERP system that has been retired and no longer receives support from the ERP vendor.  The bolted-together, heavily customized legacy system lacked critical industry-specific functionality, and was built on outdated technology that is now incapable of adapting to RITA Corp’s changing business. 
The decision to replace this legacy system with DEACOM was driven by RITA Corp’s focus on modernizing their business with a streamlined and scalable ERP system that will help springboard the next phase of their growth.
RITA Corp’s IT Manager Mehlinae Douglas says “Over the last several years, RITA has seen considerable year-over-year growth due to steadily increasing demand for our products.  We see strong potential for this growth to continue over the long-term, and have taken steps to ensure it is successful both for us, and our customers.  We doubled our production capacity, we are evaluating new markets and product lines, and most recently, we invested in the most advanced technology we could find to run our business – DEACOM ERP.” 
RITA Corp quickly recognized the significant differentiation between DEACOM ERP and the other ERP systems they evaluated, including an upgrade offered by the incumbent vendor.  In addition to DEACOM’s cutting edge single system model without the need for bolt-ons or customizations, RITA Corp cited DEACOM’s robust formulation capabilities; strict lot traceability and quality control; ability to easily accommodate multi-company, multi-facility, unit of measure and currency conversions; international shipping document generation; and real-time mobile access, as notable advantages that would be invaluable to their growing business.