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Press Release: Leading Full-Service Aerosol Manufacturer Implements Deacom's ERP Software 

WAYNE, PA – February 12, 2015 – Deacom, Inc., creator of a modern, single system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution specifically for process-based manufacturing companies, announced today that Spray Products, a private label and custom contract aerosol manufacturer, packager and distributor, has selected DEACOM ERP to drive operational efficiencies that will facilitate their continued growth and expansion.
Over the last 60 years, Spray Products has established a reputation for superior quality and service.  This unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in significant growth, both in number of product lines and in the size of their customer base.  Spray Products’ business has doubled in the last three years and they plan for the same rate of success over the next five, to be driven in part by expansion into more new product lines, as well as through acquisition opportunities.
With this in mind, Spray Products’ leadership determined that the key to achieving their growth goals would be to streamline their operations with a new ERP system; particularly one that provided not only industry-specific functionality and superior efficiency and process control, but also a strong technology foundation that will easily evolve, and ensure Spray Products is well-positioned to take advantage of future technological innovations. 
“When we decided to evaluate new ERP systems, our priorities were clear.  We wanted a solution developed specifically for batch processing.  We wanted a solution that included all of the functionality we required within one system.  And perhaps most importantly, we wanted a solution that was modern and primed for evolution.  We knew that fulfilling those criteria would be critical to our ability to continue providing exceptional products and service to our customers as we execute on our organic and inorganic growth strategies,” said Spray Products’ CFO Doug Geer.  “DEACOM is in a unique position to deliver us everything we want because of their single system model and the steps they’ve taken over the years to keep up with technology.  This indicates to us that they will continue to evolve and improve, which will only benefit Spray Products as well as our customer base.”
With DEACOM, Spray Products will benefit from robust built-in capabilities, such as:
·       Formula management, with the ability to track revisions to formulas in order to know exactly how a product was made in each batch
·       Building quality control test groups with test ranges and target values and permanently store results for reporting
·       Automatic creation of material safety data sheets (MSDS) based on actual ingredients used in each of their formulas
·       An ability to deliver regulatory compliance data directly to the MSDS forms
·       Easy migration from MSDS to SDS
·       Creating regulatory documents in Microsoft Word with real-time data via DEACOM’s internal report writer
·       Automatically generated certificates of analysis (CoA) documents
·       Strict lot traceability and inventory management
·       Warehouse management system with wireless handheld scanners
·       EDI and MRP functionalities
·       Simplified intercompany transfer capabilities
·       Consistent, real-time mobile access to the ERP system 
In addition, Spray Products cited Deacom’s guaranteed fixed price as a significant benefit over the competing ERP vendors, because it will allow them to feel confident that there budget will never be exceeded.