ERP Support Made Simple
Drive long-term business value with support services from the Artisans of ERP Software

Deacom Tech Support

Deacom's support team is always available to make sure you are getting the most value out of your enterprise resource planning system.

With an in-house, US-based team of Deacom experts, customers are able to:

  • Submit an unlimited number of support tickets 24x7x365
  • Collaborate online with technical support specialists
  • Utilize our Support Tracker tool to report on and retain visibility on the status of logged issues
  • Access process-specific SOPs directly within the system
  • Leverage an online help system that enables self-service support resources including how-to articles, a system encyclopedia, and process-specific best practices
  • Take advantage of new features and enhancements through regular upgrades
  • Engage our customer success team to generate more ERP value as your business grows

What makes Deacom's ERP support services different?

When it comes to the selection process of a new enterprise resource planning system, the level of ERP support offered by the provider post-implementation is often a major consideration. We strive to have our customers "wowed" by the quality of support they receive from us. There are no tiers to keep track of and that is why we offer only one, simple level of support for all DEACOM customers. Our customers call us because they’re expecting us to be able to help them… and our goal is to do everything in our power to do so.

The DEACOM team has always been very pleasant to work with and have taken care of my problems promptly.

Thank you for always responding so quickly to our issues.

We support it all because we built it all

Since most functionalities are native to the core ERP platform, our support team is able to provide you with assistance across the system. Our ERP support experts will help you in areas such as CRM, ecommerce, and mobile through formulation, production, and warehouse management – and of course, everything in between.

Access to a team with technical and industry expertise

All members of the support team are full-time Deacom employees based out of our headquarters in Chesterbrook, PA. They all undergo continuous and rigorous DEACOM training to ensure they always provide you with the best support possible. We do not outsource our ERP system support, use automated attendant systems, or require you to navigate endless telephone directory trees to reach our team. During your ERP go-live transition, customers are introduced to the support team management and are provided with one phone number and direct access to a team of ERP professionals. This group is well-prepared to assist you with any issue - be it additional training, reporting an issue, upgrading the system, or requesting a software enhancement.

I know we're a low maintenance customer averaging 2-3 calls per year, but when we need support, we NEED it and you guys always come through no matter who I speak to.

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