ERP Software for the Distribution Industry
Manage your warehouses | Sell directly to stores | Take online orders | Run your entire business… All from a comprehensive ERP platform.

Struggling with unique industry challenges?

With flexible software for distributors of consumer goods and other products, Deacom can simplify your ERP environment and provide you the ability to:

  • View performance reports and gain business intelligence with access to real-time data from a centralized source
  • Maintain control over your customer lifecycle by ensuring continuity across the entire sales process – from order entry with the ecommerce solution and quoting in the product configurator, to shipment via FedEx and UPS integrations
  • Effectively manage inventory with a warehouse management system (WMS) that provides insight to what items to have on hand, when to increase/decrease amounts, and in which facility they should be in
  • Conduct cost analysis on what products and/or customers drive the most profit

DEACOM ERP Software for Distributors

Supply Chain Management

The native components of our ERP software, like the built-in customer relationship management (CRM) and the warehouse management system, provide a deep level of process control for you to manage all business operations between your suppliers, manufacturers, and customers.

Online Order Management

Deacom provides an ecommerce toolset necessary to sell your products online; managing things like item pricing, taxes, and recurring customer orders. Whether you sell to retailers, directly to consumers, or other suppliers, our ecommerce solution can simplify order entry and management - because it is part of the core ERP system.

Centralization with a Solid Foundation

Deacom’s ERP platform forms the foundation of a truly centralized source of data that works hand-in-hand with accounting, purchasing, general ledger, inventory, and other areas of your business. This approach ensures that our customers have the most comprehensive, yet simple solution to their complex problems.

Deacom’s ERP software allows you to run daily operations, profitably interact with suppliers, and scale to meet customer needs.


Warehouse Management

We understand that distribution companies often have complex warehouse management requirements. That’s why we’ve included a WMS system into the core ERP foundation to help drive efficient pick and pack processes. The system includes a number of features that provide support for:

  • Cycle counting
  • Zone picking
  • Snake-wave picking
  • Directed put-away
  • GS1-128 barcodes
  • Tracking efficiency of individual users
  • Enforcing FIFO/FEFO rules
  • Track serialized inventory
Deacom's WMS works with devices running Windows CE, Mobile, and Embedded
Deacom's DSD works with iOS and Android devices

Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

For those distributors with mobile warehouses, Deacom’s route accounting capabilities capture and record all sales / order transactions that are performed from trucks in the field. These records are then automatically updated in the main ERP platform. The DSD app runs on iOS and Android devices and provides support for:

  • Real-time pricing information
  • Route locations via Google maps
  • Customer payments
  • New sales orders
  • Order changes
  • E-signatures
  • Receipt printing



Deacom’s ERP software consistently provides a big picture view of your distribution business, giving you the visibility necessary to make informed decisions.



Deacom understands the needs of the distribution indsutry


Additional capabilities important to distributors include:

  • Route Management - Reduce fleet costs and ensure your deliveries are optimized with the most efficient routes possible
  • Mobile Access - Provide operators with the mobile tools to manage direct sales from your delivery vehicles to your customers
  • Document Generation - Create bills of lading, packing slips, and other documents that include all the details necessary to process your shipments
  • Inter-company Transfers - Facilitate the movement of inventory from one facility to another on either an ad hoc basis from the warehouse management system, or with a specifically created transfer order
  • EDI Transactions - Streamline your supply chain, communicate with any VAN of your choosing, and utilize the support for both ANSI ASC X12 and EDIFACT standards with our native support for EDI transactions
  • FedEx and UPS Integrations – Efficiently use our support for these two carriers to streamline your shipping processes

We specialize in serving industries just like yours

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives & Sealants

Enable total process control with quality control checkpoints in your production, access real-time inventory reports, and generate documents such as safetey data sheets or certificates of analysis.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Manage the needs of multiple customers within a single system, generate customer specific documents, and meet production demands with MRP scheduling tools.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Maintain visibility to your production costs and yields, comply with regulatory requirements with on-demand reporting, and manage inventory from a centralized location.

Paint, Ink, & Coatings

Paint, Ink, & Coatings

Maintain formulations for multiple customers, efficiently manage your warehouse, and enforce process controls that meet quality control standards.