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Press Release: Deacom's Warehouse Management System (WMS) Integrates Real-Time Solutions

WAYNE, PA – January 3, 2012 – Deacom, Inc., producer of the DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system for mid-to-large sized batch process manufacturing companies, offers an integrated warehouse management system (WMS) with real-time capabilities.


DEACOM’s WMS takes inventory management to the next level by using handheld computers to record real-time purchase order receipts, inventory moves, production job finishes, raw material usage and sales order picking. The unique real-time capability means that any warehouse question can be answered instantly by the system. “Real-time inventory is something every one of our customers desires. DEACOM does this as part of their base solution making the solution simple to implement and easy to use,” explains Paul Heinmiller, Senior Implementation Specialist.


The WMS is fully-integrated with the DEACOM ERP software system to provide clients with increased efficiency, productivity and accuracy while reducing pick-time and costs. The simplicity of the WMS solution also decreases amount of training required for warehouse employees.


In the newest version of DEACOM, the WMS will gain three new functionalities: Master Lots, Lot Locations and Containers. The master lot functionality allows multiple lots to be grouped into one unit, ensuring that inventory operations will either act on all the lots simultaneously or not at all. The new Lot Locations scheme is designed to control data entry by providing a list of known locations from which a user can choose. The location types allow the list of locations to be filtered for locations in which it makes sense to store a particular item, providing more control for a warehouse manager. Containers are another means of grouping inventory that allow for more intuitive reports, which will more accurately reflect how the inventory is actually stored in the warehouse.


“Deacom’s unique approach to software development is to constantly evolve to meet the needs rapidly changing technology landscape. The new WMS adheres to this concept by continuing to adapt over time with improved functionalities for our customers,” states Scott Deakins, Software Operations Manager.