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Think Aptean has everything you need? Think again.

Use an all-in-one solution like Deacom that has better QMS, WMS, visibility, and more!

Dominate your industry with Deacom ERP designed for process manufacturing in mind where quality, visibility, recipe management, and much more reign supreme over Aptean.

See Deacom in Action

Know what users are saying about Aptean. Here are just some of the frustrations:

“It's difficult to get good support or fix a bug. The system can be inconsistent in terminology. In some cases the Help docs are not helpful at all. API's are difficult to use which limits the integration options with other platforms. The system is very USA-centric.”

G2 Review – Global Software Analyst

“We have cases that linger in the queue for weeks if not longer. Anything that goes to programming for review or to be fixed is like dropping into a black hole. We have had cases drag on for months when in programming.”

G2 Review – Verified User in Apparel and Fashion

“They provide no support for customizations. I can understand not wanting to help write specific custom code, but they refuse to even tell anyone what a method on a base class does unless you pay them $200 an hour.”

Trust Radius Review - Computer Programmer in Aviation

“Support is very unprofessional and it is only available via the portal.”

G2 Review – Customer Service Analyst

Now see what users are saying about Deacom:

“Having used multiple ERP systems, I am so pleased with my experience with Deacom. Their "no bolt-on" approach allows the user to find all resources needed within the software without customization.”

Capterra Review – Systems Data Analyst

“As my business grows, I can trust this solution to adapt and grow with me, eliminating the need to invest in costly upgrades.”

Capterra Review – Self-Owned Business User

“The Deacom team has been and is great to work with! They willingly make time for us as a customer and listen attentively to our needs. This has always resulted in collaboration and a true exchange of ideas. Not only are they willing to offer suggestions but they accept suggestions for improvement as well.”

GetApp Review – Food Production User

“We went from a system that struggled to identify shortages for upcoming production runs. Deacom works great! The aspects that I personally appreciate are Inventory Management, Instant MRP, and Ticketing functionality. It was such a leap up from what we were using.”

G2 Review – User in Food & Beverage

Unleash Your Potential: Expertise & Scalability - Why Deacom Outshines Aptean

While Aptean offers a broad range of ERP solutions for various industries, when it comes to process manufacturing, Deacom goes beyond generic functionality. Deacom is a purpose-built ERP system designed to address the specific needs and complexities of your industry.

Naming just a few benefits, this translates to:

Deeper Industry Expertise

Deacom understands the intricacies of process manufacturing, from formulation management to batch control.

Streamlined Operations

Eliminate the need for complex integrations and workarounds with Deacom's built-in process-specific functionalities.

Unmatched Scalability

Seamlessly scale your ERP system to accommodate your growth, ensuring efficiency and control every step of the way.

Unmatched Process Control for Consistent, High-Quality Production

In process manufacturing, maintaining tight control over every step is crucial for ensuring consistent quality and meeting industry standards. Deacom's Hyper-Tight™ Process Control empowers you to achieve exactly that.

Process control with comsetic manufacturing

Here's how Deacom goes beyond what some generic ERP systems, like Aptean, might offer:

Built-in Functionality

Deacom's process control features are embedded within the core ERP system, eliminating the need for complex integrations or bolt-on solutions. This ensures seamless data flow and reduces the risk of errors.

Process Manufacturing Expertise

Deacom understands the intricacies of process manufacturing. Our Hyper-Tight™ Process Control features are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of your industry, such as formulation management, lot traceability, and non-conformance management.

Scalable for Growth

As your business expands, your process control needs evolve. Deacom's robust architecture ensures your ERP system can scale effectively, accommodating your growth without compromising control or efficiency.

Move beyond generic process control solutions. Choose Deacom and experience the difference of a system specifically designed to empower success in process manufacturing.

Unveil the Power of Real-Time Visibility: Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

In today's dynamic manufacturing environment, real-time visibility across your entire operation is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Deacom empowers you to achieve this with a truly centralized, single-system approach.

Here's how Deacom outshines solutions like Aptean that might rely on multiple systems or complex integrations:

Deacom ERP software for process manufacturing

Centralized Data

Deacom eliminates data silos by housing all your critical information within a single, unified platform. This ensures real-time data accuracy and accessibility for all authorized users.

Automated Processes

Deacom streamlines workflows by automating repetitive tasks. This reduces the risk of human error and frees up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Real-Time Insights

Deacom's user-friendly dashboards and comprehensive reporting capabilities empower you to transform complex data into actionable insights at a glance.

Don't settle for fragmented data and sluggish insights. With Deacom, gain the real-time visibility you need to make informed decisions, optimize your operations, and gain a competitive edge.

Master Your Mix: Superior Recipe and Formula Management

Precise recipe and formula management is the backbone of consistent, high-quality production in process manufacturing. Deacom equips you with the robust functionalities you need to streamline these critical processes, surpassing the capabilities of generic ERP systems like Aptean.

Formula management within process manufacturing

Don't settle for generic recipe management tools. With Deacom, gain the power to master your mix and achieve production excellence. Here's how Deacom empowers you to achieve:

Effortless Recipe Creation:
Deacom's intuitive interface makes it easy to create, edit, and manage complex recipes and formulas.

Version Control and Revision Tracking:
Maintain complete control with version control and revision tracking features. This ensures you're always using the latest approved version and simplifies traceability in case of any modifications.

Scalability for Complex Formulas:
Deacom can handle even the most intricate formulas with ease. Whether you're dealing with simple mixes or complex multi-stage processes, Deacom provides the tools you need for accurate and efficient management.

Beyond Bolt-Ons: Achieve Seamless Quality Control with Deacom (vs. Aptean)

Maintaining consistent quality is paramount in process manufacturing. Yet, managing complex quality processes can be challenging with generic ERP systems. Deacom takes quality control a step further, offering a seamlessly integrated solution designed specifically for process manufacturing.

Here's why Deacom empowers you to achieve superior quality control compared to Aptean:

Process manufacturing of fruit

Unmatched Integration

Deacom seamlessly integrates robust quality control features (non-conformance, CAPA) within the core system, eliminating the need for separate modules and streamlining quality processes.

Exceptional Traceability

Achieve superior quality assurance with exceptional traceability from raw materials to finished goods.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Deacom offers built-in process enforcement mechanisms and industry-specific quality management tools tailored for the stringent needs of regulated process manufacturing sectors.

Don't compromise on quality. With Deacom's robust quality control features, exceptional traceability, and industry-specific expertise, you gain the tools you need to consistently deliver high-quality products and ensure customer satisfaction.

Scale with Confidence: Why Deacom Outshines Aptean in Scalability

As your process manufacturing business thrives, your ERP system needs to keep pace. Here's where Deacom shines compared to Aptean. Deacom's robust architecture is specifically designed for exceptional scalability and high performance, ensuring your system can support your growth journey seamlessly.

Project managers discussing tasks

Don't settle for an ERP system that hinders your growth. With Deacom, you gain a scalable and high-performance solution designed to empower your process manufacturing success, now and in the future.

Built for Process Manufacturing Efficiency:
Deacom's pre-built functionalities minimize customization, streamlining implementation, deployment, and ensuring long-term operational efficiency for the complexities of your industry.

Seamless Scalability for Long-Term Growth:
Deacom adapts to your evolving needs, eliminating disruptive upgrades and ensuring your system remains efficient as your process manufacturing business scales.

Unmatched Performance for Competitive Advantage:
Deacom's speed and efficiency empower faster decisions, real-time insights, and a competitive edge over slower ERP systems.

Tame Complexity: Why Deacom Excels Where Aptean Falls Short

Juggling the complexities of process manufacturing requires an ERP system specifically built to handle it. Aptean may offer generic solutions, but Deacom goes beyond, providing a robust platform designed to conquer your unique challenges.

Complexity within warehouse management

Here's how Deacom empowers you to navigate the complexities of process manufacturing, surpassing the capabilities of Aptean:

Power Through Complexities:
Deacom is built to handle the intricate data structures and workflows inherent to process manufacturing, unlike Aptean which might require extensive customization. This translates to smoother operations and efficient management of complex production processes.

Scale Without Disruption:
As your business expands and your needs evolve, Deacom's scalable architecture ensures a seamless transition. Avoid costly upgrades or disruptive migrations with a system that adapts to your growth journey.

Future-Proof Your Operations:
Invest in an ERP system designed for the long haul. Deacom's robust functionalities and scalability empower you to handle future complexities and maintain operational efficiency as your process manufacturing business thrives.

Don't let complex operations hold you back. With Deacom, you gain a powerful and scalable ERP solution that empowers efficient management, seamless growth, and a future-proof foundation for your process manufacturing success.