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Deacom ERP was made for process manufacturers. Acumatica can’t compete.

Deacom has all the features and functionality batch and process manufacturers need in one single solution.

Deacom goes beyond generic ERP, delivering laser-focused process control and real-time traceability for consistent quality and compliance in process manufacturing, surpassing Acumatica's broad approach.

See Deacom in Action

Know what users are saying about Acumatica. Here are just some of the frustrations:

“Many modifications and customizations had to be made so that our organization could track inventory correctly on a item/strain basis. Better supporting documentation and resources.”

Capterra Review – Supply Information Analyst, Consumer Goods

“I dislike everything about Acumatica. It is not user friendly or intuitive. I majored in accounting not coding. Your Help feature is like learning another language.”

G2 Review – Verified User in Construction

“I should be able to pull a simple dashboard of how much inventory I have on hand that is new, repair, broken, etc. without having to use separate warehouses or locations.”

GetApp Review - Warehousing

“Acumatica ERP software, in my experience, has been quite disappointing. It falls short in several areas, and I can't help but feel frustrated with its limitations. One major issue is the lack of basic reporting features right out of the box.”

Capterra Review – President Construction

Now see what users are saying about Deacom:

“We went from a system that struggled to identify shortages for upcoming production runs. Deacom works great! The aspects that I personally appreciate are Inventory Management, Instant MRP, and Ticketing functionality. It was such a leap up from what we were using.”

G2 review – User in Food & Beverage

“Having used multiple ERP systems, I am so pleased with my experience with Deacom. Their "no bolt-on" approach allows the user to find all resources needed within the software without customization.”

Capterra review – Systems Data Analyst

“As my business grows, I can trust this solution to adapt and grow with me, eliminating the need to invest in costly upgrades.”

Capterra Review – Self-Owned Business

“We save money long-term and it has paid for itself many times over. We can grow with the comfort that Deacom will be there as a true strategic partner.”

Capterra Review – Verified User in Chemicals

Unlocking Potential: Deacom vs. Acumatica - The Clear Choice for Process Manufacturing

In the world of process manufacturing, precision is king. Every batch, every formula, every step needs to be meticulously controlled to guarantee consistent quality and regulatory compliance. While Acumatica offers a one-size-fits-all ERP solution, Deacom takes a different approach. We're laser-focused on the specific needs of process manufacturers, delivering a system built from the ground up to elevate your operations.

Here's why Deacom is the perfect partner for your process manufacturing success:

Superior Process Control & Traceability

Deacom goes beyond basic quality control, offering real-time monitoring and granular lot tracking. This unwavering commitment ensures consistent quality and effortless recalls when needed.

Integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Deacom's built-in MES provides unparalleled visibility into your entire production process. Optimize workflows, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Industry-Specific Expertise and Support

Deacom isn't just software. We offer in-depth process manufacturing knowledge and unwavering support. Our team understands your challenges and is here to help you maximize your return on investment.

Built Different: Why Deacom Excels in Process Manufacturing

While Acumatica offers a modular ERP solution, Deacom takes a singular focus on process manufacturing. This unwavering dedication translates into a system meticulously crafted to address the unique needs and complexities of your industry.

Here's why Deacom sets the standard for process manufacturing success:

Food processing facility

Deep Domain Expertise

Deacom isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We possess in-depth knowledge of process manufacturing sectors like food & beverage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. This translates into built-in features and functionalities that seamlessly integrate with your specific workflows, eliminating the need for extensive customization.

Streamlined for Efficiency

Deacom goes beyond generic functionalities. Our system optimizes processes specific to batch production, formula management, and lot traceability. This streamlined approach maximizes efficiency and reduces errors, propelling you towards operational excellence.

All-in-One Solution

Deacom offers a comprehensive solution with the functionalities you need built right in. This eliminates the need for complex integrations and additional vendor management, saving you time, money, and frustration.

While Acumatica offers a modular solution, Deacom dives deeper. Deacom is laser-focused on process manufacturing, providing a system meticulously crafted to address your industry's unique needs and complexities.

Quality Control: The Cornerstone of Consistency and Where Acumatica Falls Short

While Acumatica might offer basic quality control features, Deacom takes it a step further, elevating process control to an art form. This unwavering commitment guarantees consistency in every batch you produce.

Here's how Deacom empowers you to achieve flawless manufacturing:

Embedded Quality at Every Step:
Deacom's robust quality control checks are seamlessly integrated throughout your manufacturing processes. This real-time monitoring ensures you identify and address potential issues before they impact your final product.

Compliance Confidence:
Deacom understands the critical importance of regulatory compliance in process manufacturing. Our system is designed to adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements, minimizing risk and maximizing peace of mind.

Unparalleled Traceability:
Deacom provides comprehensive traceability from raw materials all the way through to finished goods. This granular tracking allows you to pinpoint any potential issues quickly and efficiently, further solidifying product quality and customer trust.

In contrast, Acumatica's modular approach might require additional integrations for advanced quality control functionalities. Deacom offers a unified solution with quality control embedded at its core, delivering precision and regulatory confidence.

Deacom’s Integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Acumatica Has None

Deacom goes beyond a traditional ERP system by including a built-in Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This powerful functionality offers a significant advantage over Acumatica, which may require additional integrations for similar MES capabilities.

Here's how Deacom's integrated MES helps you:

Manufacturing execution systems

Streamlined Production

Deacom's MES seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, eliminating data silos and streamlining production processes. This unified approach optimizes workflows, minimizes errors, and boosts overall efficiency.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into your entire manufacturing operation in real-time. Deacom's MES provides critical production data at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Enhanced Control

Deacom's MES equips you with granular control over your manufacturing processes. You can track production floor activity, manage labor resources, and ensure adherence to quality standards – all within a centralized platform.

In contrast, Acumatica's modular approach might necessitate additional integrations to achieve similar MES functionalities. This can introduce complexity and data management challenges. Deacom's built-in MES offers a unified solution for seamless production control, a key differentiator for process manufacturing success.

Unlike Acumatica, Deacom Has Unparalleled Lot Traceability: Ensuring Complete Transparency

In process manufacturing, flawless lot traceability is paramount. Deacom delivers powerful lot traceability and tracking capabilities, surpassing what Acumatica might offer. This transparency provides you with complete visibility throughout your entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.

Here's Deacom's superior traceability:

Complete Visibility:
Deacom tracks your products every step of the way, providing a comprehensive audit trail. You can pinpoint the exact location and status of any lot at any given time, ensuring informed decision-making and enhanced control.

Effortless Recalls:
In the unfortunate event of a product recall, Deacom’s granular traceability makes the process significantly easier and faster. You can quickly identify all affected products and isolate the issue, minimizing risk and protecting your brand reputation.

Assured Regulatory Compliance:
Deacom's traceability features facilitate compliance with strict industry regulations. You can be confident that your supply chain adheres to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind and a competitive edge.

While Acumatica might offer basic traceability functionalities, Deacom’s comprehensive solution delivers unparalleled transparency and control. This superior traceability is critical for process manufacturers to ensure quality, navigate recalls efficiently, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Real-Time Visibility, Reduced Costs: The EDI Advantage with Deacom

For process manufacturers, seamless data exchange with suppliers and distributors is crucial. Deacom provides a significant advantage over Acumatica in this area with native Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration. Unlike Acumatica, which might rely on third-party integrations, Deacom offers built-in EDI functionality, ensuring a streamlined and efficient data exchange process.

Here's how Deacom's native EDI integration empowers you:

Deacom all-in-one software

Simplified Data Exchange

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and error-prone processes. Deacom's built-in EDI automates the exchange of business documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications directly with your trading partners.

Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into your entire supply chain. EDI integration ensures accurate and timely data exchange, allowing you to monitor inventory levels, track shipments, and optimize your supply chain operations with greater efficiency.

Reduced Costs and Errors

Deacom's EDI eliminates manual data entry errors and streamlines communication, leading to reduced operational costs and improved efficiency. This translates to increased profitability and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

While Acumatica might offer EDI functionality through third-party integrations, these can introduce complexity and additional costs. Deacom's single solution provides a seamless and cost-effective way to automate data exchange and optimize your supply chain.