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Press Release: Deacom, Inc. Invests in Mid-Tier Bath and Process Manufacturing

WAYNE, PA – October 16, 2012 Deacom, Inc., the producer of a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for process manufacturers with difficult-to-handle requirements, today announced significant investment in the Mid-Tier Process Manufacturing industry segment.
“Mid-tier firms have a unique set of business requirements that we felt were not being adequately addressed by the ERP industry,” said Jay Deakins, President of Deacom.  “Smaller ERP software systems typically cannot scale to handle the larger number of users and transactional volume required by mid-tier manufacturers and often don’t have the basic features and functions mid-tier companies require. Tier I vendors often require a large in-house IT department and budget to customize the specific requirements needed by process manufacturers.  We’re not trying to be everything for everyone, but we live every day striving to be the best solution for the segment we target.”
In addition to its normal modules, which include everything a batch-based manufacturing company needs to control its processes from formulation to shipment, the newest version of DEACOM offers multi-national, multi-facility, multi-company and multi-lingual functionality that allows global enterprise-wide operations the process control they need within one easy to manage single system solution. 
Additionally, Deacom has invested in staff focused solely on partnering with mid-tier companies that have batch-based manufacturing.  Christine Turns, who recently joined Deacom after many years of selling bolt-on solutions to Tier I systems said, “I think that the timing is right in the industry for the Fortune 1000 companies to explore a multi-tiered ERP strategy to handle acquisitions and multiple business units.  There are some situations where deploying a large Tier I solution across all divisions does not make financial sense nor does it address specific functionality around batch processing.  Deacom’s model makes financial sense and gives organizations the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate with the existing IT environment.”