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Press Release: Deacom, Inc. Receives Dominant Scores with ERP for Process Manufacturing in TEC Certification

WAYNE, PA – January 8, 2013 – Deacom, Inc. announced today that the DEACOM ERP solution has completed the TEC Certification process and has been ranked as highly competitive within the ERP market for process manufacturing companies.
DEACOM ERP was found to support all core functional areas in the TEC research model of ERP for the manufacturing industry, which includes over 3,500 functional and technical criteria. The functional areas of financials, process manufacturing management, purchasing management, quality management, and sales management are all strongly supported, and DEACOM ERP scores well above the industry average in all these areas.
DEACOM ERP scores in the maximum range of functionality in process manufacturing management and as “dominant” in quality management. “These scores indicate that the product has strong support for the core Process Manufacturing functionality and the equally important Quality Management functionality.  For process manufacturers in regulated industries, this support may be a critical deciding factor when making a software selection decision,” wrote Ted Rohm, TEC Research Analyst.
He continued, ”This is the second certification performed on the Deacom solution by TEC. The first certification was performed on Version 10.4 in July 2010. The scoring from the latest Deacom product release shows that DEACOM ERP will be an even stronger competitor in the process manufacturing ERP software market. TEC was given a sneak peek at the revamped version 15 interface of DEACOM ERP. The new version of the product uses some of the latest Web technologies and is built on the solid underlying core functionality of the DEACOM ERP system”.
“We built our product specifically for the needs of process manufacturing and we are pleased to see that DEACOM ERP is outperforming our competitors in that space.  We have a best-in-class product for our niche, and every day we are working to make it better and better”, said Jay Deakins, President of Deacom Inc. 
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