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Press Release: Deacom's ERP Software Goes Mobile

WAYNE, PA – December 18, 2012 – Deacom, Inc., has released an iPhone application to allow users of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to manage their business operations remotely and react to changes as instantaneously as they would from their office.

The DEACOM iPhone application, developed and implemented by Deacom, has the same source code as the master ERP system itself ensuring the functionalities, filters, and data in the DEACOM iPhone application are identical to that of the main DEACOM application. Grid layouts also appear in the same format, so there is virtually no learning curve or transition period for app users.

“DEACOM is based on the.NET framework which allows for easier integration with mobile devices and allows all mobile app development to be performed in house, with no third party involvement. This enhances security and flexibility of the system, a unique feature to the DEACOM system,” said President Jay Deakins. “We are the only single solution ERP on the market and we were not willing to sacrifice the process control and data quality benefits a single solution provides by bolting on a third party mobile application.”

The licensing and deployment of the DEACOM mobile application is controlled through Apple's B2B store. This allows the application to be released and maintained across multiple versions of DEACOM as updates are deployed, provides an extra level of privacy protection to handle sensitive client data, allows the system administrator to manage users, and provides a secure platform with user-defined security roles to ensure data is secure and industry compliance is maintained.

DEACOM’s mobile app will give users the same real-time access to data they experience from the main system, so they will not lose any visibility throughout their operations and they will gain the ability to track orders, manage inventory and view account status remotely. Deacom securely integrates the mobile application so users will receive no disruption to workflow. With the DEACOM iPhone app, users will now have the flexibility to run their business processes from anywhere they choose.