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Press Release - Leading Nutraceutical Manufacturer Finds Key Ingredient to Accelerated Growth: DEACOM ERP



Chesterbrook, Pa, June 28, 2016: Deacom, Inc. has been chosen as the ERP software provider of choice for FutureCeuticals, a leader in the supply and development of standardized nutraceutical, functional food, and cosmetic ingredients. By employing DEACOM ERP, FutureCeuticals will now be able to improve the management of operational performance and product quality as new regulations and developments in nutraceuticals arise.


“We operate manufacturing and research facilities in the U.S.A. and Europe that are cGMP-compliant, HACCP-compliant, kosher-certified, and certified organic by Quality Assurance International and the state of California,” said Jeff Van Drunen, President of FutureCeuticals. “Maintaining these classifications is critical to protecting our reputation as the trusted partner of choice for our customers. However, the criteria of these regulations and our industry are constantly evolving and our previous ERP solution did not adequately allow us to connect the different aspects of our farming, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, marketing, legal, clinical R&D and quality platforms. Deacom’s business practices and software mitigates these concerns and exceeds all of our expectations of an ERP provider: support before, during, and after implementation; flexibility to evolve alongside our business; industry-specific focus; and a robust set of tools to strengthen process control.”


Deacom’s ERP software enables manufacturers to maintain a high-level of quality, safety, and transparency within their business and products: three critical characteristics of nutraceutical companies like FutureCeuticals. Since all functionality is written into the same core ERP system, DEACOM users are able to gain a high-level of visibility into the entire operations with drill-down capabilities for detailed reporting.


The fast-paced nature of the nutraceutical industry, coupled with the boost in consumer interest, requires these manufacturers take a proactive approach towards preparing for tomorrow’s unknown challenges. Exercising the Kaizen philosophy, Deacom’s team of ERP artisans are constantly advancing the software to keep up with developments in business operations, regulations, and technology trends. With new software enhancements rolling out nearly every two weeks, customers can always leverage the latest functionality that DEACOM ERP has to offer.


“As we continue to grow, we are committed to focusing on continuous improvement and fully utilizing our facilities and resources to provide a quality product beyond the industry standard. Deacom and their Kaizen model meets our needs exactly so they are the perfect fit for enabling FutureCeuticals to compete globally on a higher level and adapt to regulatory developments,” said Van Drunen.