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Press Release: Deacom, Inc. Announces Release of Version 14.8 of DEACOM ERP Software for Batch and Process Manufacturing Industry

Wayne, PA - May 27, 2015: Deacom, Inc., creator of an industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution, is happy to announce the release of version 14.8. Beginning with version 1.0 of DEACOM in 1995, Deacom has consistently evolved its single-system into a leading solution for the process manufacturing industry.
One of the biggest evolutions to occur in the 14.8 release is enhanced functionality in DEACOM Mobile, an iOS application that runs the same base code as the rest of the DEACOM ERP suite.
“DEACOM Mobile is a great illustration of the benefits from Deacom’s technology investment,” states Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom. “Over the past five years we have made a significant investment in our technology stack and now are at the forefront of the ERP industry. By totally rewriting the base code, our main application, WMS solution and Mobile app all run the same base code which makes our evolution process much faster. Our mobility solution is just the first of many new toys that we can build utilizing our technology stack as we continue to live by our mantra of ‘faster, higher, stronger’.”
In addition to the mobile application, there are a number of other features that will provide business value for DEACOM customers including a dock scheduling calendar, an external barcode generator to allow customer’s vendors to produce GS1-128 barcodes and enhanced two-step issuing to ensure process control.
“A lot of new functions within the 14.8 release are derived directly from our R&D source – our customer base,” says Sheridan Bulger, Development Manager at Deacom. “Feedback and suggestions from our customers allow us to continue to evolve with the rapidly changing industry. Not only are these changes available to the customer who requested the change, but they also are available to other customers who might be looking for the same feature. This is the strength of the Deacom development approach.”
The update is available for free as part of Deacom’s annual Kaizen fee for all existing customers. Like the Kaizen philosophy, the DEACOM update process drives continuous improvements for each customer. In sharp contrast to other ERP vendors update processes, all new DEACOM releases are available at no additional cost to customers. This, coupled with DEACOM’s process of completing all required customer features to the base code rather than doing customizations, helps DEACOM reduce the long-term total cost of ERP ownership.