Batch Production
Drive process control while maintaining production efficiencies

Improve Quality
Add process control with quality control checks to manufacturing operations.

Drive Efficiency
Promote manufacturing efficiencies while still maintaining compliance with regulatory traceability and quality rules.

Enhance Business Visibility
Begin making data-driven business decisions based on real-time production cost and efficiency information.

production of frozen fruit

Deacom’s single platform helps manufacturers overcome the unique challenges in their batch production process.

MRP for Job Creation
Automatically create production jobs for sub-assemblies and finished goods based on supply and demand levels.
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Job Scheduling
Manage the production schedule through job or routing level visual calendars.

Production Cost Analysis
Track standard versus actual product material, labor, and burden costs.

“Now we can take our inventory control to a specific shop location and we can relieve material used in a production batch a lot more efficiently than ever before.”

– Mark Dvorski, Plant Manager for Graceland Fruit


With the drill down reporting capabilities in DEACOM, Graceland Fruit has been able to gain greater visibility across all of its production processes.

By using serialization in the production process, California Custom Fruits & Flavors is able to track the usage of specific totes to individual customers as they are returned.


Accomplish all of this and more with DEACOM ERP

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Batch Scaling

Scale batches based on the production equipment available in the schedule.
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Lot Number Generation

Configure a lot number scheme to fit your business requirements.

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Lot Traceability

Complete forward and backward product recalls.

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Catch Weight Production

Complete production on variable weight products with configurable options for inventory relief.
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Unit and Container Serialization

Generate unique serial numbers for produced materials or for the product’s container or tote.

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Co-Products / By-Products

Account for variable co-products or fixed by-products that are derived from the production of another part.

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Rework Jobs

Manage rework jobs with full traceability and reporting available.

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Generate Batch Ticket

Configure, generate, and electronically archive a master batch record for regulatory purposes.

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Yield Reporting

Evaluate production efficiencies by measuring product yields by part, product line, or across the entire business.

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Deacom’s MRP system is designed to ensure materials are available for production and your products are available for delivery to customers.



Simplify the process of creating, scheduling, staging, and analyzing production jobs within the single ERP system.



The WMS system provides your manufacturing and distribution operations with the ability to reach new levels of functional accuracy.

Production Weigh Up

Weigh Up

Utilize functionality within the ERP system to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your weigh up processes.