Top 4 Ways to Immediately Streamline Your Business (International Audience)

Your guide to getting back business agility, transparency and speed

May 20th, 2021

11-11:45am GMT


So please come with your questions as there will be time for a Q&A

Learn how process manufacturing companies utilize modern ERP systems to simplify their business and gain back agility, transparency, and speed to your business.

In this free webinar, you will dive into the unique challenges that process manufacturing and distribution companies face and learn the top 4 ways ERP can reduce business complexities. Through a detailed demonstration of a state-of the-art ERP solution, you will see how simplification can be achieved by:

  • Simplifying System Complexity
  • Simplifying User Experience
  • Simplifying help and support
  • Simplifying Economics

With this knowledge in mind your company can carve a new path, circumnavigating common complexities and gaining agility, transparency, and speed within your business.

Why you should not miss this webinar:

  • Business Complexity Driver – You will learn why enterprises tend to manage their complex challenges often with more of the same.
  • System Complexity Driver – You will understand why ERP systems in the past often increased business complexities.
  • Top 4 ways to reduce business complexity with ERP – We will explain how ERP can help simplify your business solution in four ways
    1. Simplify System Complexity – with one centralized ERP system covering functionalities beyond traditional ERP systems
    2. Simplify User Experience – with an intuitive and unique UI and flow of screens and information across departmental functions and devices
    3. Simplify Help and Support –everything comes from one partner: software, implementation, configuration, training, and support
    4. Simplify Economics – with a service contract offering software, implementation, configuration, training, and support for a fixed fee

With simplifying your complex business, you gain back:

  • Business Agility – the unified user experience across departments and functions allows you to use your resources where and when they are needed. No resource bottlenecks because of not knowing the related system.
  • Transparency – because you will work with a single source of truth – your ERP. No bolt-on systems with own data (truth) repositories.
  • Speed – having one system in place allows faster decision making because you work with real-time data. No batch runs before you are on top of your data.

This Webinar is best suited for people who have responsibilities or key roles in:

  • Planning, procurement, production, warehouse, quality, supply chain, order management, and finance management

  • Selection and maintenance of ERP systems

  • C-Level who want a more detailed view on how ERP can help execute the company strategy / contribute to the company success


Axel Kurz
Solution Architect

As an industry expert - in both process manufacturing and ERP software - Axel delves deeply into the challenges facing manufacturing companies and finds strategic solutions with DEACOMP ERP software to tackle their critical business issues. Due to his many years of experience servicing medium and large-sized companies with their ERP projects in various industries, Axel is the point person for process managers and directors.