Protecting Your Brand with Reliable Traceability and Serialization (International English Speaking Audience)

Learn how to tackle the challenges of drug counterfeiting, regulatory recall requirements, and developing industry trends.

November 4, 2021

11-11:45am BST


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Protecting Your Brand with Reliable Traceability and Serialization

In this webinar, we will dive into the unique challenges that Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies face when it comes to protecting their brand and adhering to upcoming regulatory changes.

Through a detailed demonstration, you will learn how ERP can help you achieve strong lot control and serialization in order to fulfill the upcoming US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements. As counterfeit and falsified drugs continue to threaten the industry, implementing these techniques will also help companies protect their brand, improve recall management, and stay competitive.

Why you don’t want miss this webinar:

Minimize Risk Through Lot Control – Supply chain visibility is critical to driving strong lot control. Through a software demonstration, you will learn how lots can be set up as well as tracked backward and forward. This helps manufacturers:

  • Manage recalls quickly and efficiently
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Manage Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) materials at the container level
  • Minimize waste with FEFO and FIFO stocking rules
  • Optimize Inventory Visibility
  • Ensure raw material lots that are picked, weighed, and dispensed for a batch are controlled electronically through scale connection and scanning
  • Protect against mistakes in order picking.

Protect Your Brand with Strict Serialization – As EU serializations needs to be fulfilled and new FDA regulations come into effect, reliable serialization is essential. We will show you how serial numbers and barcodes are generated, recorded, and used to aggregate and serialize units, cases, boxes, and pallets… all from the ERP. This can help protect your brand and built trust by:

  • Automating the serialization process at all unit layers
  • Strengthening process control
  • Complying with developing regulatory requirements
  • Maintaining EU GMP Annex 11 and US 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

This Webinar is best suited for people who have responsibilities or key roles in:

  • Planning, procurement, production, warehouse, quality, supply chain, order management, and finance management

  • Selection and maintenance of ERP systems

  • C-Level who want a more detailed view on how ERP can help execute the company strategy / contribute to the company success

Markus Mevissen

Markus Mevissen
Senior ERP Consultant

As an industry expert - both in process manufacturing and ERP software - Markus Mevissen works with manufacturing companies to help them strengthen their internal processes through the use of DEACOM ERP. After gaining a deep understanding of their business, he works with clients to identify more efficient ways to meet specific production, supply chain, and quality requirements. Throughout his career, Markus has worked with companies of all sizes as well as professionals from various departments which has helped to make him the “go-to” person for many projects.