Press Release: Twinlab Corp Leaves an ERP Titan for Deacom, Inc.

WAYNE, PA – February 24, 2015 – Deacom, Inc., creator of a leading ERP software solution, announced today that nutraceutical manufacturer Twinlab Corporation (NASDAQ: TLCC), has recently kicked-off their implementation of DEACOM ERP.  Twinlab selected DEACOM to replace their current system, a well-known giant in the ERP industry.
Twinlab’s Director of IT Robert Garrett says “Twinlab is a rapidly changing business, but our previous system was so cumbersome that it was not able to evolve and keep up with our pace of change and it was also very costly. The software was developed with bolt-ons, and required heavy customization to accommodate our needs. The system was becoming increasingly difficult to live with and counter-productive to our growth plans, so we decided to look for software that would actually help our progress, rather than hinder it.  We found what we were looking for with Deacom.”
Twinlab was immediately attracted to the DEACOM single system model, finding it inherently less complex and more agile than their existing system.  Twinlab will now be able to completely eliminate bolt-ons and customizations, ensuring their ability to react quickly to changes in the market, and in their business as they grow and evolve. 
Twinlab is confident that they will realize substantial benefit from having all of the process manufacturing functionality they need in the DEACOM system that has grown over the past 21 years to provide industry-leading flexibility.  The Twinlab team sees great value in DEACOM’s ability to rapidly and continuously adapt in order to address Twinlab’s current and future requirements.
“We are excited to get up and running on DEACOM,” says Twinlab’s Director of IT Robert Garrett.  “By providing a single tool with which to tightly manage all of our processes, DEACOM is expanding our capacity to quickly deliver quality products to our customers through each stage of our growth and evolution.”