Deacom Launches Program to Support Team Members' Charitable Passions

Deacom Foundation

This month, Deacom launched its Deacom Foundation to provide financial support to employees who personally invest their own time in charitable efforts. Currently with more than 120 employees, the number of Deacom team members that are heavily involved in such organizations is something the company is truly proud to get behind.


“The purpose of the Deacom Foundation is to leverage the passion and creativity of our team members,” said Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom. “If they are willing to spend their time on something charitably oriented, Deacom is willing to provide funding to help them do it.”


Since its initiation, the foundation has been very well received by employees who have already started applying for donations to support their 501 (c)(3) organizations. “We are excited about this new initiative and look forward to seeing the impact it will help our employees make on the organizations they are involved in,” continued Deakins.


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