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ERP Software for Batch Process Manufacturing

Simplify your business complexity and eliminate the cost of being wrong with Hyper-Tight Process Control™

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Industries Served

Adhesives & Sealants



Cosmetics & Personal Care


Food & Beverage


Medical Device


Oil & Gas

Paint, Ink, & Coatings


Challenges with Process Control

cheese making equipment
Have you ever had angry customers because they lost trust in your ability to deliver? Or customers threatening legal action because your product did not meet their specifications? Think of the nightmare if your employees accidentally ship the wrong product or place the wrong ingredients into a batch.

Hyper-Tight Process Control™, a unique component of Deacom ERP software, is what manufacturers need to reduce the cost of being wrong. This includes the negative implications that can result from legal claims, recalls, low customer satisfaction, removal from preferred supplier lists, and much more. The costs can range from a few thousand to billions of dollars, not to mention the tarnished reputation.

Eliminate the cost of being wrong with Hyper-Tight Process Control™

Create scalable and repeatable business processes by having:
  • One system for planning, receiving, production, warehousing, shipping, process, and quality control
  • Integrated quality control procedures and measures
  • Configurable quality checkpoints
  • Checkpoints that cannot be bypassed
Hyper-Tight Process Control

Hyper-Tight Process Control™ – Control Elements


Describe how an item is made, what goes into it, what the physical properties are, and what quality control requirements must be fulfilled.

MRP / Scheduling

Calculate what needs to be bought or produced to have the materials on hand in the proper time to go through the manufacturing process.

Purchase Order Receipt

Driven by the MRP process, when a purchase order arrives, the first process checkpoint is active for the individual items that are in receiving.

Quality Control

Enforce quality control holds where the quality specifications are checked.


Materials issues to production are approved by the previous quality control checkpoint and transactions typically done with the warehouse management system scanners.

Job Finishing

When production has finished, another process checkpoint initiated by Hyper-Tight Process Control™ checks that the finished quantity has consumed adequate raw or intermediate materials or products.


By using modern barcode scanning practices, you can ensure the warehouse team does not ship lots that are on QC hold to customers.

Document Generation

Generating required documents, such as a bill of lading, COA documents, or packing lists, are all dependant on the previous process checkpoints as part of the Hyper-Tight Process Control™ functionality within the ERP system.

Hyper-Tight Process Control™ – Benefits

Protect your brand by securing your quality levels.
Scale your business without jeopardizing quality.
Keep or increase your competitive edge with high and constant quality products.
Eliminate cost overruns because of quality issues detected too late in production.

Hyper-Tight Process Control™ vs. Process Control

Hyper-Tight Process Control™Process Control
All functionality in one ERP system – Planning, receiving, quality control, warehousing, production, job finishing, shipping and document generationYesBolt-Ons
Checkpoints definableConfigurableCustom Programming
Thresholds based on formulasConfigurableProgramming
Subsequent process stops take previous stops into considerationConfigurableCustom Programming
Real-Time ExecutionYesBased on Integration
Process AdministrationYes, native to the systemCustom Programming

Challenges with Business Complexity

Business ERP
Businesses compete in a world that is growing ever more complex. Disruptive technologies emerge with increasing frequency.

To be successful in this complex and fast-changing world, companies must be highly agile and flexible; able to identify opportunities and make informed decisions quickly in order to exploit those opportunities.

Reducing complexity in their business processes with an ERP system that is easier to implement and manage, that its users love and that provides a single source of information and truth, is key to accomplishing this.

Complexity Made Simpler by...

ONE Solution for Your Industry

The Deacom ERP platform is developed specifically to meet the unique and often complex needs of process manufacturers.

ONE Predictable Price

Understanding that an ERP implementation is a significant investment, businesses that implement Deacom have full pricing transparency going into the project.

ONE System

Deacom has the largest set of native software capabilities that combines industry-specific functionalities and processes with functional depth within one system – on premise, managed cloud, or hybrid.

ONE User Experience

With a single login, user have an intuitive and consistent working experience across all departments, all platforms, and all devices with Deacom ERP.

ONE Team

The Deacom team is the single partner for everything you need: software, implementation, training, service, and support.

Benefits of our Complexity Made Simpler Approach

warehouse lift

ONE System

  • Faster implementations – no integration work
  • Easier to upgrades – all functionality included in one system
  • Lower cost to run the system – lower total cost of ownership because of less integration work

One User Experience

  • Lower training cost/time – a common UI and management of data and processes
  • Increased flexibilities / efficiencies – users can easily perform jobs outside their core responsibilities
  • Higher employee satisfaction – empower users with a solution they can actually use

ONE Team

  • No disputes on responsibilities – all services from a single partner
  • Faster resolutions – no need for collaboration and solution discussions
  • Best advice – a partner who covers the full solution lifecycle

ONE Predictable Price

  • Predictable Investment – no hidden fees for extra software, third-party integrations, or release management
  • Transparent decision making – no hidden agendas or costs
  • What you bought is what you get – upfront clarity on deliverables for your investment

What our customers are saying...

Chemical bins in warehouse
“The criteria of regulations and our industry are constantly evolving and our previous ERP solution did not adequately allow us to connect the different aspects of our manufacturing, warehousing, sales, marketing, legal, clinical R&D, and quality platforms. Deacom’s business practices and software mitigates these concerns and exceeds all of our expectations of an ERP provider: support before, during, and after implementation; flexibility to evolve alongside our business; industry-specific focus; and a robust set of tools to strengthen process control.”

– Jeff Van Drunen, President of FutureCeuticals

“We’ve been able to dramatically simplify management of the daily business, the speed in which we close our books, and the way in which we report out on our performance – all those things have been significant steps in the right direction since implementing Deacom.”

– Chris Kiser, CEO of Teasdale Foods

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