ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
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Challenged with complex industry requirements?

Whether you are a contract manufacturer or produce your own pharmaceuticals, Deacom’s ERP platform provides a simplified solution to your complex issues. We give you the ability to:

  • Maintain all formulation, quality control tests, and documentation in a centralized location
  • Enforce strict process control within your production environment
  • Provide real-time inventory accuracy with a built-in warehouse management system
  • Enable serialization during production
  • Adhere to regulations and FDA compliance

DEACOM ERP Software includes pharmaceutical serialization requirements
Why Deacom exists for batch and process manufacturers

Why Deacom Exists

In this whiteboard session, Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, discusses the approach that DEACOM ERP software takes to address the specific, often complex needs of batch and process manufacturers.

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21 CFR Part 11 Validation

Validating an ERP system helps pharmaceutical manufacturers ensure that their processes are consistent and operate in accordance with industry standards. Deacom assists with the validation process, establishing documented evidence that, throughout its lifecycle, DEACOM ERP will consistently function in accordance with its pre-determined specifications and quality attributes. For pharmaceutical companies validation of the compliance outlined in FDA 21 CFR Part 11 is a critical aspect of the implementation of DEACOM ERP.

Lot Tracking and Traceability

During the production process, DEACOM ERP provides the ability to see every lot that went into a production batch. It also provides report details that include who received shipments, their full contact information, lists of all the materials used in a batch, and who specifically performed the transactions. Batch tickets are automatically archived in the system to fulfill FDA requirements during an audit.


With the capabilities provided by the DEACOM AutoFinisher, pharmaceutical manufacturers can have serial numbers automatically generated with their specifications defined in the ERP system itself. It allows you to adhere to the DSCSA rules for serialization of individual units, cases, and pallets by connecting the ERP system and the production equipment responsible.

By developing an ERP platform with the largest functional foundation, Deacom provides pharmaceutical manufacturers a system that helps to facilitate growth.


What our customers are saying

Contract Pharmacal Corp
In past experiences, I have found that many ERP providers require businesses to mold to their software. With 45 years dedicated to strengthening our business processes and perfecting our products, we are excited to have DEACOM ERP facilitate our growth strategy rather than hinder it. Deacom's technology works with our business and empowers the progression towards our development.

Jeff Reingold, COO
Contract Pharmacal Corp

Nexgen Pharma
As our business continues to grow – both by acquisitions and organically – technology will play an important role in upholding our strong market position. With DEACOM ERP, we will be able to introduce some of the newest technology advancements throughout our business paving the road for Nexgen’s growth.

Mark Nishi, CFO

Deacom ERP includes formulation management and quality controls for pharmaceutical R&D teams.


Additional capabilities that support your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs include:

  • Accounting - Keep better tabs on your tight margins, tracking all actuals and budgets for expenses, revenue, P&L, and cash flow statements
  • Material Requirements Planning - Use MRP to make informed decisions on production needs based on time, inventory levels, and customer demand
  • Formula Management - Provide R&D teams with the tools to develop, maintain, and track formulations, manage workflows, and define quality control checks from raw materials through finished goods
  • Quality Control - Assure product safety with built-in process controls that enforce quality checks at various points in your production
  • Production Weigh Up - Increase the speed and accuracy of the production weigh-up process with built-in controls that provide operators with the exact information they require
  • Document Generation – Automatically generate Certificate of Analysis (COA), product specification, quality control, and other documents as they are required

We specialize in serving industries just like yours

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Manage the needs of multiple customers within a single system, generate customer specific documents, and meet production demands with MRP scheduling tools.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Maintain formulations, facilitate inter/intra company transfers, and ensure proper labeling requirements are met.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Medical Cannabis

Limit sales to patients based on item attributes such as THC and CBD levels, comply with all regulatory reporting, and track plant life cycles and the cultivation process to improve raw material planning activities.



Enforce quality control checkpoints in your production, maintain strict lot control, and generate customer specific CoA documents